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a camp defended by a circular formation of wagons

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It also suggests the inherent insecurity of colonialism which had to create a safe laager against the blacks, against "going native".
During this time, he had seen active service in South Africa, commanding C Squadron of the 5th South Australian (Imperial) Contingent in 1901-02 (with Colonel De Lisle's Column in the Kroonstadt district and Orange River Colony, and the night attack on General Smut's laager at Grootvallier).
Vilniuse Keraamikute Gildi korraldatud arhailise keraamika valmistamise laager Trakais (Leedu) on seadnud endale eesmargiks teha savinousid, mis sarnanevad originaalsetega nii palju kui voimalik.
Furthermore, because of the risk that corrupt staff in house might abuse a system that has until now regarded threats as being generally outside the Laager, the directive insists on internal preventive policies and disciplinary procedures being created.
this was what the Boers called a laager and was either a camp or encampment formed by a circle of wagons, or an entrenched position or viewpoint that is defended against opponents.
Para competir en la mineria, hay que poder competir en logistica", dice Guilherme Laager, director ejecutivo de logistica en CVRD.
To be competitive in mining, you have to be competitive in logistics," says Guilherme Laager, executive director of logistics at CVRD.
It is Brink's own contention that the individual is a construct of his/her society, learning almost unawares the norms and values of that society, and imperceptibly being glued to the safe, orthodox, but sterile, traditions of the human herd, the laager.
During this period of great suffering, accounting played an essential role in confirming the conditions under which property entitlements were determined to be just and in providing an apparatus for the state to laager these entitlements.
The ultra-liberal element saw it as a polarisation of whites into a right-wing laager to frustrate the advancement of black political and social aspirations, a view shared by black political parties, including the left-leaning Pan Africanist Congress, and the South African Communist Parry.
It's the old laager mentality of the early settlers.
However, the dissenting voices among some of these texts under review suggest that canon formation is less than ideal and that the laager of New Criticism continues to resist the inclusion of other voices or, as Cary Nelson (Repression and Recovery) puts it, of lost voices.
Then there is the laager mentality--the security of being on the inside.
Similarly, Richard Haass has noted that sanctions imposed on South Africa "tended to push whites into the laager (a defensive posture similar to `circling the wagons'), thus reducing further the chance for meaningful political dialogue.