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stop from happening or developing

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The Kybosh is the only sinister element but he is banished from the garden before much harm is done.
Fitzmaurice even uses kybosh (Fitzmaurice 1970b:91; cf.
And, more importantly, why has he put the kybosh on firefighters' pay talks this weekend by warning that the Government won't pay a penny more than it's already offered?
With the pull of a lever the procedure would stop both her hearts, destroy all three brain stems and put the kybosh on her ability to regenerate - but, not being an exact science as such, her body would have to be closely monitored for at least a millennium lest certain "relapses" occur.
Scots Labour voters will want to put the kybosh on this, of course, by sticking with Labour on Thursday.
Airs and graces IF you're escaping Blighty for the Easter holidays, or just tripping from one end of the UK to the other, it's going to put the kybosh on your plans if your plane is late or cancelled.
"I think at the time there was a possibility of something more permanent; I was talking to Leicester City, too, and on New Year's Day I had Leicester or Coventry as options but then the broken leg put the kybosh on both," he said.
Personally, I'm skeptical that a country which produces so many self-critical films would make an effort to kybosh a West Bank cultural event.
So often, an attempt to follow the career of one horse in print is the quickest way to put the kybosh on the enterprise, but with Motivator it paid dividends, and to reread those articles is to relive the hopes, dreams and celebrations of people to whom the public is rarely afforded access.
To control, spray susceptible house plants with Bio Kybosh, and outdoors use Bio Flydown.
Aidan and Carla have their respective procedures and their father Johnny upsets Jenny by saying he can't possibly leave them to recuperate alone, putting the kybosh on her plans to whisk him away to Spain as soon as possible.
It seems that petty politicking between the home FAs has now put the kybosh on the women's entry as well as the men's.
For once, can they garner enough unity amongst the shareholders and fans at an agm to kybosh the re-election of the current board?