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the basic unit of money in Angola

a festival featuring African-American culture


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It seems like a win-win-win proposition: the national banking system is strengthened, use of kwanzas to pay for local debts is legitimized and the local economy is flooded with a base of capital to spur investment and development in areas outside of oil.
com/news/2012-09-30/angola-oil-law-taking-force-today-may-boost-liquidity) Bloomberg News reported on the latest action within that country to shore up the use and legitimacy of its currency -- the Angolan kwanza -- vis a vis widely circulated U.
The Figures from AICEP proved that Portugal s surplus fell from 171 billion kwanzas (1.
The exports of the Angola to Portugal totalled 237 billion kwanzas (1.
Approximately 180 billion kwanza (one dollar worth AKz 100) will be set aside for rehabilitation, modernization and expansion works of Kambambe dam in northern Kwanza Norte province.
The increase of its capital to 50 billion kwanzas has been declared by the Banco EspE[degrees]rito Santo Angola (BESA), which is an unprecedented investment and without parallel in the national market that transforms BESA into the most capitalized bank of Angola.
At the assembly, the shareholders approved a reinforcement plan of capital for BESA of 50 billion kwanzas (USD 500 million), to allow the implementation of the bank growth strategic plan for 2012-2017.
Citic (Brazil) will invest seven billion Kwanzas in geological studies and six billion in infrastructures.
The deal which is to be inked in Santa Clara, Cunene province, would enable direct exchange between Kwanzas and Namibia dollars in banks, bureau de change or other authorised agents in each country, with the central banks responsible for publishing the daily benchmark exchange rate.
3 billion kwanzas (US$116 million) from the Angolan government to boost the cement plant s production capacity, as per to a presidential decree.
China-Africa Development Fund and Welfare Fund of National Police Staff have entered into a cooperation agreement worth about 150 billion kwanzas.
5 million Kwanzas (roughly USD 15,000), which will be contributed to the Arnaldo Janssen children's shelter house.
The described quantity was gathered through the sale of a watch which price 900,000 Angolan kwanzas and a outfit that price AKz 600,000.
The Angolan government will release 900 million kwanzas (9 million U.
800 Kwanzas, the service is being traded and can be received via an agreement/subscription between the interested person and the customer service of Angola Telecom.