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the basic unit of money in Angola

a festival featuring African-American culture


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161 billion kwanzas (almost US$97 million) for the Laca hydroelectric project, which is being constructed on the River Kwanza since the year 2012.
The cost of the Lauca hydroelectric project, which represents the largest civil engineering and energy project in Angola, is comprised of construction, production, supply and commissioning of the power transmission system from the Kwanza River.
According to Bloomberg, kwanzas trade in the unsanctioned money markets of Luanda at a rate of 100 per dollar, only slightly off the official exchange rate of 95.
com/news/2012-09-30/angola-oil-law-taking-force-today-may-boost-liquidity) Bloomberg News reported on the latest action within that country to shore up the use and legitimacy of its currency -- the Angolan kwanza -- vis a vis widely circulated U.
At the assembly, the shareholders approved a reinforcement plan of capital for BESA of 50 billion kwanzas (USD 500 million), to allow the implementation of the bank growth strategic plan for 2012-2017.
The described quantity was gathered through the sale of a watch which price 900,000 Angolan kwanzas and a outfit that price AKz 600,000.
The Angolan government will release 900 million kwanzas (9 million U.
800 Kwanzas, the service is being traded and can be received via an agreement/subscription between the interested person and the customer service of Angola Telecom.
Benguela Railway Company`s (CFB) rehabilition has been totaled at 70 million kwanzas in the border municipality of Luau, eastern Moxico province, the Minister of Transport, Augusto da Silva TomEis.
In August 2011 the Angolan central bank launched a programme called Banquita, which allowed bank accounts to be opened with just 100 kwanzas (for current accounts) and 1,000 kwanzas (for savings accounts), as part of the financial inclusion programme.
As per the report, goods or services transactions worth over 1,000 kwanzas (US$10), publishing invoice or an equivalent document is now needed for all economic agents in Angola.
He said that the Modernization of Kambambe Hydroeletrict infrastructure will cost 180 biliE[acute accent]es de Kwanzas.
Approximately 180 billion kwanza (one dollar worth AKz 100) will be set aside for rehabilitation, modernization and expansion works of Kambambe dam in northern Kwanza Norte province.
The exports of the Angola to Portugal totalled 237 billion kwanzas (1.
The construction work has been completed on the our-building "Sky Tower" by the Escom group, in which it invested 65 billion kwanzas (US$674.