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On the other hand, there is a great deal of kvetching about Jack's unrequited affections and a soul-searching that seems overly simplistic while also occupying pages of space." MATTHEW TIFFANY
JEWISH GRANDMOTHERS WILL BE KVETCHING about how they don't have anything to do now that Manischewitz has greatly expanded its roster of kosher grocery products.
Starting today, you may a little less lonely while kvetching about politics.
Much garner kvetching followed--strict DRM measures invariably result in complaints by gamers that they're being "treated like criminals," while mild restrictions tend to allow a piracy boom--and Valve mollified its customers not by removing Steam but by adding new features.
Its protagonist, Ayzik Klass, a Polish-Russian painter of Yiddish motifs and a survivor of the Holocaust, opens the book kvetching about his loss of a painting, Moonlight Shtetl, which has been stolen and put "into" the Jewish Museum.
The title of his book, Born to Kvetch, for instance, echoes Bruce Springsteen's 1975 New Jersey working class rock and roll anthem, "Born to Run." (19) Wex capitalizes on the incongruities, juxtaposing the Jewish-identified activity of kvetching with Springsteen's muscular running, and ultimately juxtaposing himself and his Yiddish-Canadian heritage with a blue-collar, macho, Christian mainstream America.
I was having a conversation with a businessman in New York the other day, and he was kvetching about finding someone to take a very good job with relatively high pay.
In the supplement to the book found in the paperback edition, Wex says as much: "Such negativity might not be so negative after all; kvetching might just lie at the root of all progress, all innovation" (supplementary page 9).
Even kvetching was Leninized and used to uproot obstacles to the complete Sovietization of Yiddish-speaking Jews in the USSR.
When the real Aphrodite shows up in Angela's basement (in the shape of a kvetching, elderly cleaning lady), the archeologist soon finds out there's more to her obsession with the goddess of love than exhuming antique pottery shards.
The opening segment visits the small town of Middlefield, Ohio, where small-business owners are kvetching about the looming opening of a new Wal-Mart superstore.
But these comments, she says, amounted to nothing more than "water cooler kvetching." A DeVry administrator will only say that the university champions free speech and that Spohn's dismissal was unrelated to her blog.--J.M.A.
Since the group was supposed to stay together, some kvetching ensued, as riders were hot and tired after five days in the saddle and very little sleep.
First, let me get the kvetching out of the way: Not enough time, too much to attend to.