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Bulk of pic focuses on behind-the-scenes interplay before and after shows, as Romano seriocomically kvetches about an infinite variety of topics--everything from Caltabiano's tardiness to the smell of car-window sunscreen--and repeatedly loses mind bets that he wagers with him self.
* From BR--I'd like to be a writer/editor, because I would have no problem in dousing the constant kvetches. [Have we got news for you!] BR went on to editorialize: We should all be thankful we have a job.
He psychoanalyzes everyone from the play's cast to the restaurateur with "The World's Greatest Humus." This book is a kvetchfest, and Fife kvetches about the famous and the obscure, although readers may want to skip to the juicy stuff he has to say with regard to the F in F.
Dialogue is broadcast into our earphones and actor-dancers mime in the windows: two spinsters fantasize about go-go boys; newlyweds make love; an old couple spats; a cop grills a suspect; a New York family kvetches; an immigrant adjusts to urban life; an artist throws a trendy party.
Long Island grandmother Lorraine Levine kvetches about her hip-hop-crazy grandson ("He wants me to call him Funkmaster Sherovsky"), then recalls how her treatment in the 1930s as a Jew from Eastern Europe was not so different from the reception given new immigrants today.