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a progressive disease of the central nervous system marked by increasing lack of coordination and advancing to paralysis and death within a year of the appearance of symptoms

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Speaking during a one-day sensitisation forum for AMCON's Valuers and Receiver Managers in Lagos, Mr Kuru said the asset cut across critical sectors of the economy, namely: real estate, energy, transportation and aviation, maritime, agriculture and manufacturing.
Sutun kalitesinde sut bilesimini olusturan yag, protein, kuru madde, laktoz oranlari ile sutteki bakteri sayisi ve somatik hucre sayisi belirleyici olan ozelliklerdir (Malek dos Reis ve ark.
Farmakolojik tedavi ile es zamanli olarak haftada iki gun ve toplamda sekiz seans olmak uzere makuler cilt lezyonu bolgesine ve sirttaki fibroz bantlara kuru igneleme ve Kase [7] tarafindan onerilen kas inhibisyon teknigi ile kinezyolo- jik bantlama uygulandi.
Kuru promises transparency in the sale of the bank, insisting on conducting open and competitive bids.
Some of the Fore people of Papua New Guinea have a variant of a brain protein that prevents kuru and related diseases, researchers report online June 10 in Nature.
Kuru gozun ciddiyetini ve gorme keskinligine, gunluk aktivitelere ve yasam kalitesi uzerine etkilerini sorgulayan, 3 bolumden olusan ve toplam 12 adet soru iceren testte; her bolumdeki okuler semptomlar icin 0-4 arasinda bir puan verildi (0=hicbir zaman, 4=her zaman).
For an indulgent ending to the meal, a variety of Turkish delights such as lokum, helva and kaymakl\f1\'fd kuru kay\'fds\'fd (cream stuffed apricots) were available along with servings of traditional Turkish coffee.
These natives were cannibals and it was found that women and children contracted kuru at a rate eight times greater than the men in these communities.
DEMOCRACY, Islam and Secularism in Turkey, edited by Ahmet Kuru and Alfred Stepan, decribes the so-called "Turkish model" in detail, while trying to avoid unfounded criticism.
So, when graduate student Erkin Kuru of Indiana University, Bloomington, and a team of researchers that included biologist Yves Brun and chemist Michael S.
Gaze at the milk and chant the following mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate Mahabale Parakramaya Manobhilasitam Manah Stambha Kuru Kuru Svaha , 21 times and then drink the milk.
Kuru sorcery; disease and danger in the New Guinea highlands, 2d ed.
Variant CJD (vCJD) Infectious/ Eating brain contaminated transmissible beef from cattle with "mad cow disease" Kuru.
While talking to Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Naci Kuru here Malik updated the host about Pakistan's relations with Afghanistan, Iran and India.