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the basic unit of money in Estonia

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The changeover must be completed by 14 January, until which time both the euro and the kroon will be circulated.
The Estonian kroon has functioned very well in its 18 years.
corresponds to the current central rate of the kroon in the EU's exchange rate
TALLINN -- The Estonian government has reiterated its stance on joining the euro zone, set for January 1, 2011, and has already cut its 2009 budget by 16 billion kroons (1.
Kroon explains that the title, El Mas Alla, means "the beyond," or "when a person transcends to another existence," as he describes it.
4 litre RPC standard Thermic Ultra jar that Van der Kroon Food Products has already used for many years, ensuring compatibility with the company's filling lines.
William also cradled one-year-old Kennard Nanau and drew on the plaster of Brendon Kroon, 14.
Numerous researchers corroborated differences among the perceptual strengths of LD--as opposed to regular education--students (Carbo, 1980; Garrett, 1992; Jarsonbeck, 1984; Kroon, 1985; Martini, 1986; Urbschat, 1977; Weinberg, 1983; Wheeler, 1983).
Karsten Kroon, of Rabobank, won the eighth stage yesterday, over 134 miles from St-Martin-de-Landelles to Plouay, but owed a considerable debt to his countryman and teammate, Erik Dekker.
Karsten Kroon, of Rabobank, won stage eight in Plouay, but he owed a considerable debt to his countryman and team-mate Erik Dekker.
Networking VHF and HF systems is part of the company's strategy to extend the capabilities of existing radios for transmission of IP data, Kroon explained.
Camera (color), Sander Snoep; editor, Leo de Boer; music, Henny Vrienten; art director, Vincent de Pater; costume designer, Barbara Kroon.
In the preface, the editors (de Kroon and van Groenendael) acknowledge that we are beginning to obtain a reasonably clear picture of the ecology, physiology, and genetics of clonal plants, but that the integration of this information across taxonomic and organizational boundaries remains as one of the great challenges facing us in years ahead.
Kroon has been named president - Automotive, North America Division, reporting to Ken Davis, president - Vehicle Group, effective January 1, 2013.
Austin Grebeck and Matt Kroon both walked to load the bases before Jakob Goldfarb reached on an error that scored both Patzlaff and Grebeck.