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a village of huts for native Africans in southern Africa

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a pen for livestock in southern Africa

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When we reached the centre of the kraal, Infadoos halted at the door of a large hut, which was surrounded at a distance by a circle of smaller ones.
The two governments and kraal leaders will also lead the recovery and return of livestock stolen along the border.
Northwest Christian's Garrett Kraal covered the 8,000-meter Fort Vancouver State Park course in 25 minutes, 26 seconds to finish 33rd at the NAIA Cross Country Championships on Saturday.
Tenders are invited for Construction of a Chanilink Fencing with Kraal for Wolf Breeding Center Unit-IV at Sakkarbaug Zoo, Junagadh
To breweries such as Draymans Brewery, Mad Giant and Ubuntu Kraal Brewery it is of extreme importance to ensure that gases are available during specific parts of the brewing process.
Most 'Bantu' women were usually in the position of minors, and fell under the guardianship of their father or the head of the kraal if unmarried, and under the authority of their husband if married.
He writes: "At the level of the extended family, or kraal, the leader [of the traditional system he saw in Rhodesia, which also cuts across the continent] emerged naturally through acceptance by the family, and, as long as he enjoyed their respect and confidence, he was their representative and spokesman.
Sources said that police and security forces carried out search operation in different areas of Capital including Sharif Abad, Ghori Town and Kraal and nabbed five afghan nationals on incomplete identity documents charges.
Dr Diane Kraal from Monash University has warned flaws in the PRRT regime mean Chevron's giant Gorgon gas project off WA will not pay the tax until "at least 2030", despite decades of operation.
Die sintuiglike waarneming in "Wolmerk" (18) openbaar 'n direkte en liggaamlike ervaring van die landskap: "jy ken die koue van die oop veld / die reuk van bossies en van kraal / jy ken die knars van die sker / wat jou losknip van 'n warm lyf", wat die spreker se verbondenheid met die landskap waarin hy /sy woon, vooropstel.
Speakers always stand to address those present, while everyone else in the kraal or rontawu (a round hut, often reserved for ritual observances) is expected to be seated.
Then later that evening we were walked back into the main Zulu kraal accompanied by the whole village singing alongside.
The event will conclude with a one man show by Kraal “Kayo” Charles.
He drives the sheep out of his Grandfather's kraal, guides them away from the deep donga to the veldt to graze, where he must protect them from hungry baboons.