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In fact, Koudou should have scored with that late header, and we had other chances, especially in the first half.
Miskelly 5, McKeown 6, Redman 5, O'Hara 6, Convery 6, Braniff 6, Boyle 7, Kennedy 5, McCutcheon 6 (Liggett, 90, 6), Koudou 4, Topley 5 (McCann, 80, 7).
Totesport - SPL top goalscorer without Old Firm: 10-3 Naismith, 11-2 Benjelloun, Velicka, Nish, Mackie, 7 Fletcher, Lovell, 9 Porter, Bednar, 12 Koudou, McMenamin, 16 Donaldson, Grady, Miller, Popsil, McCormack, 20 Robson, Hunt, 25 Dargo, Samuel, Clarkson, Higdon, Kean, 33 McDonald, Wyness, Barrett, Bayne, Moutinho.
Marius Koudou, 24, of Kelsall Croft, Ladywood, driving without valid licence, insurance and MOT, total fines pounds 210, six month ban, and pay pounds 34 costs.
Parmi les plus illustres prophetes du 20e siecle, il y eut William Wade Harris, Albert Atcho et Koudou Jeannot (Auge 1975 ; Mary 1997a ; Dozon 1995 ; Perrot 1993 ; Shrank 1994 ; Bureau 1996).
1998 Heisei 10 mendo kigyou koudou ni kansuru ankeeto chousa [A survey of corporate activity for 1998].
Coleman, Susan, Mary Lyn Gaffield, Frederic Robin, Goussou Koudou lazare, Rebecca Dillingham, and Carol Squire-Diomande.
Kokusai Keiei Koudou Ron (The Theory of International Management Activities), Moriyama Shoten, Tokyo, 1982.
Quartz boulders, originating in part from the old artisan work and sampled essentially along the Koudou river over a distance of 400 m, yielded values of up to 34,50 g/t Au.
Accompanying the President on the visit were Kanayo Awani, Director, Trade Finance and Branches; Obi Emekekwue, Head, External Communications; and Jean-Christian Koudou, Manager, Business Development (French West Africa).
Cote d'Ivoire Laurent Koudou Gbagbo before the International criminal Court
McFall is boosted by the return from suspension of striker Aime Koudou for the visit of Coleraine who are still on a high following their Irish Cup semi-final win over Donegal Celtic on Tuesday night.
The Ports took the lead through striker Aime Koudou, who fired home a penalty on 17 minutes to claim his second goal in as many appearances, but Aaron Black scored from 12 yards four minutes later after Glen Hand had been fouled.
Aime Koudou, a second-half substitute, was left clear with the goal gaping in front of him from an angle.
KILMARNOCK: Combe 7 - Lilley 7, Wright 5, Ford 5, *GIBSON 7 - Fowler 6, Flannigan 7, Hamill 6, Bryson 7 - Nish 7, Koudou (Jarvis, 70mins, 6).