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the basic unit of money in Slovakia

the basic unit of money in Czech Republic

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In a way, we are glad the overbought market is curbing koruna appreciation because it allows us to start normalising interest rates more quickly.
These rates are indicative only Euro _______________________________ 1.15 Australian Dollar_________________ 1.69 Bulgarian Lev ___________________ 2.21 Canadian Dollar __________________ 1.66 Croatian Kuna ___________________ 8.63 Czech Koruna _________________ 30.75 Egyptian Pound ________________ 10.07 Hungarian Forint_____________ 348.87 New Zealand Dollar _____________ 1.82 Polish Zloty _____________________ 4.69 South African Rand____________ 16.37 Swiss Franc _______________________ 1.39 Thai Baht ______________________ 46.28 Turkish Lira______________________ 3.28 UAE Dirham______________________ 5.41 U.S Dollar _________________________1.49
Czech alcohol exports amounted to 1.093 billion koruna between August 2011 to July 2012, up from 1.012 billion koruna a year earlier, according to the Czech Statistical Office.
Also, Olomouc goalkeeper Petr Drobisz was fined 200,000 koruna ($11,750) and banned from football for 18 months for handing over 300,000 koruna ($17,650) to Bohemians Prague players to lose a game at the end of the 2008-09 season.
The hideouts of several militant commanders were destroyed in Shno Ghundai, Juma Khan Koruna, Rashakai, Qila Shah Beg, Dub Koruna and other areas.
Determined to avoid an upsurge in prices and fraud, the government has set fines of up to five million koruna, ie nearly 166,000 euro.
The offer values Zentiva at 40 billion koruna ($2.7 billion), Sanofi said.
On March 20, people exchanging English notes got 37.20 koruna compared to 31.08 for Scottish notes - a difference of 6.12 koruna.
SLOVAKIA spirits company Frucona Ko?ice is facing a financial crunch, with the European Commission ordering that it pay GBPounds 7.45 million (Slovak Koruna 416.5 million) worth of tax, previously written off by the Slovak government.
The nearly 34 percent rise in the value of the Czech Republics currency (the koruna) since mid-2001 has put a dent in the competitiveness of that nations goods and services.
The report estimates that smokers dying young saved the Czech government somewhere between 943 million koruna and 1.19 koruna, or roughly $23.8 million to $30.1 million, in expenditures on health care, pensions and housing subsidies for the elderly.
[that] totes up smoking's `positive effects' on national finances, including revenue from excise and other taxes on cigarettes and 'health care cost saving due to early mortality.' The premature death of smokers saved the Czech government between 943 million koruna and 1.19 billion koruna ($23.8 million to $30.1 million) on health care, pensions, and housing for the elderly in 1999, according to the report." Philip Morris later apologized for the study.