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Christian fellowship or communion with God or with fellow Christians

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Visser 't Hooft, "To the Members of the Editorial Board of 'Koinonia'," 27 May 1939, with accompanying "Memorandum concerning 'Koinonia'," WCC Archives, 301.005, Box V/4.
"'Koinonia,' comes from the Greek word for communion, or joint participation," Nathaniel Pierce said.
Once he has defined being in terms of koinonia, the stranger goes on to show that "otherness" comes together with everything that is.
This book will be a standard resource for those who wish to work on the theology of Tillard, and on key ecumenical themes such as koinonia, reception and memory, together with the achievement of ARCIC1 and BEM.
Millard Fuller, his understudy at Koinonia, tells the story of a Baptist minister from Atlanta who went to Jordan with a problem.
I would like to explore some examples of what a reception of koinonia might look like in the broad categories of the "faith '' of the church and the "ordering" of its life.
One of those is koinonia. This Greek word is variously translated in the New Testament as "sharing," "communion," or "fellowship," and has gradually become the central focus in ecumenical ecclesiological reflections.
Based in Northeast Ohio, Koinonia provides residential services, day programmes and employment services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).
New Delhi [India], June 01 ( ANI ): Fourteen-year-old Karthik Nemmani from McKinney, Texas, has won the 2018 Scripps Spelling Bee Championship after spelling the word 'koinonia' correctly.
Mill is the executive director of Koinonia House National Ministries, a post-prison ministry equipping churches to support those who are intent on following Christ but need help after their release.
As reaction to killings by herdsmen, a fellowship of heads of ministries and missions, Koinonia Ministerial Network (Komnet), has called on Christians to quit the consumption of beef.
We went fishing at Camp Koinonia, near Eldred, NY, in early February last year.
He describes JordanAEs early days in Talbotton, Georgia; the conflict between his study of the AaAaAeA Sermon on the Mount and the militarism of his ROTC experience in school; his attempts to address racial issues in the South while in Louisville; his establishment of the interracial Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, and his excommunication from Rehoboth Baptist Church; the boycott from local businesses in Americus; and writing the AaAaAeA Cotton PatchAaAaAeA translations with Mil Fuller.
Cornuke, a former police investigator, lays out his case in "Golgotha: Searching for the True Location of Christ's Crucifixion," published by Koinonia House.
This lack of focus should not be taken as a rejection of the insights offered with regard to creation, koinonia, the working of the Holy Spirit in the church, and the mission of the church.