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an orange-brown antelope of southeast Africa


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KOB and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry are being recognized for their state agency partnership for the Department of Forestry's role in Fresh Paint Days.
KOB FOR SOME OF THAT Adams defeated Ukraine's Tetyana Kob after watching Farah's fightback on the track
However, scientists know little about the white-eared kob and tiang, whose magnificent migrations were legendary before the civil war.
Nile bushbuck and Uganda kob, species unavailable for more than 25 years, were among the first animals targeted on these preliminary safaris.
In what is a first for Namibia, the centre recently reproduced the Silver Kob, in efforts to ensure sustainability.
Officials who surveyed animal numbers in 2007 and 2008 had expected antelope numbers to be devastated after years of war and illegal hunting by hard-pressed communities and poachers, but were surprised by their estimates of over 753,000 white-eared kob, over 278,600 Mongalla gazelle and 155,460 tiang antelope, among others.
S etimoloskih, povijesnih, drustvenih, ekonomskih, psiholoskih i kulturnih aspekata, Gerhard KoB proucavao je osobna imena, prezimena, nadimke, mikrotoponime, ojkonime i imena robnih marki.
From the 1960s through the early 1980s, WCS's predecessor organization, the New York Zoological Society, helped establish the Boma National Park in southern Sudan and supported pioneering work on the migration and breeding of the white-eared kob, a type of antelope.
In addition, seven of the nine authors, the exceptions being Monzo and Loriga, have written short stories and/or novels that elicit questions from KOB explicitly corresponding to her interest in "otherness.
Key's principals are: Arline Kob, Philip Whalen, Joan Marie Konow and Michael Wolfe, who is president of Midboro Management.
The supermarket is to start selling Kingklip, Panger and Kob from South Africa from mid March.
The EIB and the Czech authorities, namely the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Finance and KOB joined forces to develop a mechanism for channelling suitable funding to smaller towns and regional entities undertaking urgent investment into the modernisation of the water sector throughout the country", said EIB Vice-President Wolfgang Roth.
Such is the normal pattern of many Americans who depend on caffeine to keep them alert on the kob, while driving, and at sundry other times.
Ric Abel, managing director, will continue to lead the power investment unit, formerly known as Electric Finance Group; and Brian Thomas, managing director, will lead the oil and gas investment unit, both reporting to Kob.
Video recorded by Kwitkowski on her cellphone and shared with KOB showed tension during the delay, during which time she alleged that an elderly man asked a flight attendant if he could leave the plane.