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an orange-brown antelope of southeast Africa


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99 [pounds sterling] per kg); and Kob (Kabeljou)is a white fish with similar texture to haddock, (rsp: 10.
The foreign ministers pledged to take steps to narrow the so-called "digital divide" between developing and developed countries, Kob Sak Chutikul, director general of economic affairs at the Thai Foreign Ministry, told reporters.
Kob said that "screening ultrasound can identify small, early-stage, otherwise occult cancer.
Lovely honey-colored kob antelopes, in family groups of four or five, looked uncertain but stood and watched us pass by.
Many visitors are surprised that they can see baboons, kob antelope and numerous bird species so close to the coast and so near to a large urban centre.
Other municipalities recognized at the KOB awards banquet include: Shawnee for its Celebration of Life park; Yukon for its recycling program; Miami for its program dealing with trash, abandoned vehicles and dilapidated structures; Tonkawa for its Centennial Park; Norman for its NICE, or Norman Individuals for Community Excellence program; and, El Reno for its beautification program complete with a Main Street Program, as well as recycling and park renovation programs.
Such is the normal pattern of many Americans who depend on caffeine to keep them alert on the kob, while driving, and at sundry other times.
Ric Abel, managing director, will continue to lead the power investment unit, formerly known as Electric Finance Group; and Brian Thomas, managing director, will lead the oil and gas investment unit, both reporting to Kob.
Another local media KOB reported six workers were taken to an area hospital for smoke inhalation and were discharged a short while later.
The firm offers chip boilers from Austrian manufacturers ETA and Kob.
Caught on film by Dutch nature photographer Adri De Visser, 50, he spotted the lion feasting on the carcass of a Uganda kob, the baby antelope's mother in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.
The kob fawn emerged from hiding in long grass and ran between her legs trying to get at her milk.
Head chef Kob Bonyang explains: "This is our own recipe; people think it is impossible to fry ice cream and we always get a great reaction when they try it for the first time.
Basware udvikler succesrige losninger til elektronisk hENndtering af kob, fakturaer, rejsefakturaer, webfakturering og okonomisk administration.
Officials who surveyed animal numbers in 2007 and 2008 had expected antelope numbers to be devastated after years of war and illegal hunting by hard-pressed communities and poachers, but were surprised by their estimates of over 753,000 white-eared kob, over 278,600 Mongalla gazelle and 155,460 tiang antelope, among others.