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a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no solution

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Koan Health helps health care organisations improve performance in value-based relationships, enabling accountable providers and payers understand their networks, provider performance and costs--and target interventions to improve clinical and financial results.
As Engo's introduction to Tozan's koan suggests, "Scholars labor at their formulas like monkeys struggling to catch the moon reflected on the waves" (179).
Having been sidelined in all education policies by the colonial administration, the Chinese (whose population grew in the period of 1870-1930 from 50,000 to more than a million) were faced with the challenge of having to address the situation themselves and found their own educational institutions; thus Tiong Hoa Hwe Koan, an organization commonly known as THHK, was formed in 1900, and its first school opened in 1901.
In Japanese, the word paradox is referred to as a Zen paradox or koan where ko means "public" and an is a "proposition" or question (Heine & Wright, 2000, 268).
(Fact Check) Norvig maintains that the meaning of this koan--if a koan can be said to have a single meaning--is that computers already have preconceptions.
At the center of Bodhi-Dharma is the Truth alluded to in the nondiegetic statement printed on the screen after the screen credits: "To the disciple who asked about the Truth without a word he showed a flower." This koan, which may be the earliest example of a koan on record, is at the center of this film-mandala, which is itself a koan.
Stupidity in testing comes forth in an excerpt from The Test Drive (2005) on the Zen koan. The interrogative structure of the koan, the Zen master's test question practiced during meditation, not only functions as a step on the road to enlightenment but can even, by its very inquisitive nature, reflect enlightenment itself.
You don't carry the koan around consciously all day long.
"28 Weeks Later," helmed by Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, co-written by Spaniard Enrique Lopez Lavigne and co-financed by Spain's Sogecine and Koan Films, grossed $2.7 million in 10 days in Spain.
An old woman responds in a koan, writes Jerry Shinshin Wick, to every sojourning monk asking for directions to the monastery on the Great Mountain: "Straight ahead" (34).
The author made an extensive use of the rich Dutch archival sources and the recently exposed Batavia's Chinese Council (Kong Koan) archives.
Levine (German, Rutgers U.) takes a new approach to the philosophical koan of how to represent the inexpressible by seeking to reorient the study of Holocaust literature and survivor testimony away from the focus on the awestruck language of the unspeakable to the spaces between speech and silence, and body and text.