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a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no solution

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It can be seen in the questioning surrounding the validity of the image in von Schrenck-Notzing's photography, in the ethical challenge video can issue to television by foregrounding its own blindness, and through the impossibility of forming a rational question at the heart of the koan.
In fact, Zen koans, paradoxical statements, or questions that illicit paradoxical responses in an attempt to open and enlighten the mind, give major insight into the nature of language and the true essence of the guru/teacher/tutor.
It is poetry of crystalline precision, but as I have said, the koan leads us to ourselves, The two cannot be compared, even though there is a similarity as a result of the joke that is present in both disciplines.
Intertwined throughout the chapters are the foundational beliefs of Zen, illustrated through stories, sayings, and verses from three classic koan collections--the Mumonkan, the Hekiganroku, and the Denkoroku.
But koan practice is actually the practice of life itself.
Arriving at one final answer is not the goal of a koan.
The Web school was named after Tekijuku, a private school opened by Japanese physician Ogata Koan in 1838 in Osaka to teach medicine and Dutch learning.
KOAN - Originally a Zen teaching riddle to help one to enlightenment by temporarily jamming normal thinking processing so that something more interesting can happen.
SSEYO claims that the ads are the first to be enhanced with the SSEYO Koan music system.
is our daily koan, and I think this defines the character of modern Americans.
For centuries, Zen Buddhism has used the koan as a tool for freeing one's mind from conventional thought.
In terms of what is in fact presented in the collection, "mysticism" includes Kabbalistic symbology, Zen koan practice, mantra recitation, ecstatic love unions, Neoplatonic emanational theories, negative theology, and various forms of "nondualistic" experience.
VSoft continuously updates its solution sets to meet the industry's shifting needs and ensure that we are offering the leading payments solutions," said Cyndi Koan, executive vice president at Public Service Credit Union of Denver, a VSoft customer through the company's outsourcing division, VServe, Inc.
They are looking at how the art environment affected students and would love to hear from any founder members of the Koan Society and anyone who remembers the artworks bought by the Students Union in the late 1960s.