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Or brass knucks. You can enjoy this delightful example of old vine Zinfandel--129 years old--or can age it.
knucks often enough, mostly in the form of one-liners.
338 (Mo., 1915), in which a witness was permitted to testify that the hole in the skull of the deceased corresponded in size and shape with the projection on the "knucks" in the defendant's possession.
That Angelina Jolie will be Dapping Ban Ki-moon, our Queen will dismiss the Prime Minister with a resounding Bro Fist and the Pope will reach down to the crowds and bless them with a Fo' Knucks.
Rolling back and forth he'll look out to make eye contact or get air knucks from his friends before calling out, "Ok, if I don't lock into this one I owe everyone here $20 and you get to punch me in the face!
Leo plowed through his hangover and rocked the collective balls off of Phelper and the Carhartt Clan, who greeted him off stage with hugs and knucks. Chris made fun of hipsters in the vicinity, divinely free from a sense of irony.
Would you rather high five, shake hands, or give the knucks?