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They look like the knuckles of Doctor Reefy's hands.
Instinctively the clasp on his wife's hand grew closer, till his knuckles looked white.
I heard some strange noises, and thrust the knuckles of my left hand into my eyes.
I remember, too, late that night, beating the bushes with my clenched fist until my knuckles were gashed and bleeding from the broken twigs.
So, quite unexpectedly, my brother found himself, panting, with a cut mouth, a bruised jaw, and bloodstained knuckles, driving along an unknown lane with these two women.
exclaimed Kirby, raising his huge frame in his seat, like a lion stretching in his lair; “I rather guess he never felt a Varmounter’s knuckles on his backbone-But who is the chap?
Tim met it with an unmoved countenance, one corner of his under lip caught up on a tooth, his eyes fleeting into the blackness twenty miles ahead, and the fierce sparks flying from his knuckles at every turn of the hand.
Harvey's knuckles were raw and bleeding where they had been banged against the gunwale; his face was purple-blue between excitement and exertion; he dripped with sweat, and was half blinded from staring at the circling sunlit ripples about the swiftly moving line.
he repeated, striking his breast with his closed fist on which the knuckles stood out very white.
As if by inspiration, she grasped the other's band with a force which blenched the knuckles.
I sat up in bed and rapped my knuckles against the rail to make certain that I was truly awake.
All the beauty that had forsaken her face seemed to have taken refuge in the long pale fingers and faintly dimpled knuckles on his sleeve, and he said to himself: "If it were only to see her hand again I should have to follow her--.
I warn't listening, Miss Flite," he said, "I was going to give a rap with my knuckles, only you're so quick
Ah, you biter, I wouldn't soil my knuckles on your ugly face; but if I had my thick boots on I'd dance the soul out of your carcass for two cents
In sudden panic I dashed my knuckles on the wooden bars, to get at a duck to give the monster for a sop.