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A Cookbook for a Knucklehead provides the kind of honest, insider cooking tips all beginners need after they've had the realization that they cannot live - or afford to live - on take-out alone.
I immediately checked my equipment, looked up at the RAST panel, and discovered I was a knucklehead.
You know he's kind of a knucklehead," She said, adding: "You know the one".
Let's get some knucklehead to go into a theater and shoot a bunch of .
David, 37, rides a custom-built 93" Knucklehead while Gordon, 45, has owned a pounds 20,000 Harley Davidson since 2008.
This led to an instant following, combined with endorsements from Halo Guitars and Knucklehead strings (USA) and Protection Racket drum cases (UK) as well as sponsorship from Birmingham Drum Centre.
The fallen house of a long-forgotten God is also home to lovable yet frail inventor 2 (Martin Landau), the silent twins 3 and 4, benevolent engineer 5 (John C Reilly), tortured artist 6 (Crispin Glover), spunky fighter 7 (Jennifer Connelly) and knucklehead bodyguard 8 (Fred Tatasciore), who enforces all of 1's dictates through intimidation.
Animal and me and Maggie and Owlface will cover the hundred bucks," Knucklehead said.
If you thought the exploits of Johnny Knoxville and his knucklehead pals in Jackass: The Movie were bad, then think again.
Canseco was once a good and popular player, but today most people remember him as an overmuscled knucklehead who didn't take the game seriously, a steroid down who once accidentally fielded a fly ball with his head.
Unfortunately, Carly's hot-headed ex-con brother Nick (Murray) and his knucklehead friend Dalton (Abrahams) decide to come along too.
Unfortunately, Carly's hot-headed ex-con brother Nick (Murray) and his knucklehead best friend Dalton (Abrahams) decide to come along too.
The event, emceed by BridgePort brewmaster Karl Ockert, featured the tapping of a firkin of Old Knucklehead, the unvelling of the label featuring Eckhardt's likeness, and the imprinting of Eckhardt's knuckles, which will be install in the pub for posterity alongside the imprints of the previous "Knuckleheads.
I just told him: You get into work on time each morning or I'm shipping you right back to that hellhole, you little knucklehead.
Now I was watching a skinny blond knucklehead screw a buffed Latino guy without a condom.