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a game in which jackstones are thrown and picked up in various groups between bounces of a small rubber ball

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There were also old fashioned games such as noughts and crosses and knucklebones, writing up family trees, the sharing of stories and drawings and a sing a long featuring songs of yesteryear.
Back and forth For weeks in the darkness, the nails, the Maafa, Before the exchange in Rio, Jamestown, Haiti; April and knucklebones unloaded on the docks.
Until I could start seeing the white of knucklebones.
In her latest collection of poems Twigs and Knucklebones Sarah Lindsay revels in the pleasure of being omniscient.
Gogo's were inspired by a game played in Ancient Greece called "astragals", where children played with sheep's knucklebones.
Bone artefacts (Figure 4) are represented by drilled knucklebones, a plaque with ring and dot ornament, brushes (resembling a modern toothbrush) and plates of a bow made of antler.
He was given a guided tour of the city and he then entertained Isabella by playing knucklebones with her.
Children in ancient Greece played fivestones thousands of years ago--only then they played with the knucklebones of sheep instead of pebbles.
There are five kinds of bones in every hospital: (1) the jawbones (who do all the talking); (2) the wishbones (who spend their time wishing someone else would do the work); (3) the knucklebones (who knock everything anyone ever tries to do); (4) the backbones (who get under the load and do the work; and finally (5) the funnybones (who lighten the load for everyone).
Students also substituted glass pebbles for the traditional animal bones to play knucklebones, a Roman equivalent of jacks.
Their divining is, however, disturbed by a miraculous event: the knucklebones used by these witch-doctors are all picked up and swallowed by black hawks.
To show his good intentions, John brought her treats, stopping on his way home from work at a butcher shop to buy knucklebones.