knuckle duster

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As he was searched, the knuckle duster was found in his bag.
Police believe a knuckle duster may have been used in the attack.
After his arrest he was searched and the knuckle duster was found.
Owen, 27, of Bethesda Street, Amlwch, was ordered to forfeit the knuckle duster. He was banned from all Anglesey pubs for two years.
And Nicholson's luggage contained a similarly disguised stun gun and a knuckle duster.
The 21-year-old told officers that the knuckle duster - described as "full-size" and "hard resin, red and plastic" - had formed part of a necklace but that the chain had snapped, a court was told.
A Cowie woman pretended to be her sister when police found drugs and a knuckle duster in the car she was driving.
A TATTOO artist claimed he needed a knuckle duster for protection in the "dodgy underpass" near his home.
He had a knuckle duster implanted into his arm but is now in Heartlands Hospital, awaiting surgery on his arm to remove it.
Inmate turned metal from bin into this Knuckle duster studded with spikes Inmate used wrist support for handle to slashing tool Darts and blow pipe fashioned from mop handle Sharpened ruler becomes stab weapon Razor blades embedded in plastic handles
The man told police the three men, believed to be Syrian, beat him with a knife and a knuckle duster, injuring him in the abdomen.
I went to Hearsall Secondary Modern and having a pen knife with a blade longer than two inches, a flick knife, knuckle duster or cut-throat razor was the quickest way to get caned by Headmaster Clemson.
A MAN who was hit in the face with a knuckle duster would probably be scarred for life, a court heard yesterday.