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Synonyms for knowledgeable

Synonyms for knowledgeable

provided with information; made aware

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

Synonyms for knowledgeable

highly educated

alert and fully informed


Related Words

thoroughly acquainted through study or experience

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Not surprisingly, Frequent DIYers were the most knowledgeable with 63% saying they were either knowledgeable or expert.
CPCM--Certified Professional Contracts Manager shows that you are knowledgeable about all facets of contracts management, both within the government and the commercial arenas.
Leonard and Swap suggest that the knowledgeable managers undertake projects with the less-expert, actual projects, not simulations (although those are helpful).
Combining these issues, one can conclude that if college business students are not knowledgeable about organized labor, that the typical Principles of Management text does not provide thorough coverage of the subject, and that our students may face new efforts from organized labor to represent the employees in their organizations, or may become part of organized labor, then we, as management educators, need to examine what can be done in our courses to produce better informed, more knowledgeable graduates.
This system was conceived in a different era to resolve business disputes between partners in long-term (and usually profitable) contracts to ensure fast, fair and cost-effective resolution by knowledgeable decision-makers.
Medical and scientific professionals are not knowledgeable about the science behind herbal and nutritional medicine.
In order for supply to meet the expected demand, both the reseller and IT management will need to make knowledgeable choices, based on a firm understanding of the technologies and processes out there.
7) Do seek advice from people who are experienced and knowledgeable in getting into exporting.
If there is no immediate union threat, such an audit can profitably be undertaken about every six months, and it should be performed by a knowledgeable outsider.
The mentor is a person who is skilled, knowledgeable, a visionary, dynamic, and committed to the process of improving individual's skills.
If many knowledgeable providers would not enroll their patients in a study, where treatment decisions will be made by the flip of a coin, then it is ethically questionable to let less knowledgeable providers enroll their patients.
Camp is perceived to be a detail-oriented place where people are knowledgeable to a fault.
Today's shareholders are more sophisticated and knowledgeable than their counterparts of 10 years ago.
This process, among other things, involves the input from numerous knowledgeable sources.
This person should be knowledgeable about the game, and capable of being the final decision-maker on all policy and budgetary issues.
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