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wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge

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The foundations of innovation in modern societies: the displacement of concepts and knowledgeability.
American college students and HIV/AIDS knowledgeability and sexual behavior change.
Over that period of 65 years, I have built up a treasury of happy memories of the wonderful competitors I have seen, the amazing concerts I have attended, and the incredible warmth, knowledgeability, friendliness and good will of the audience.
In determining where Almonte is coming from in writing his memoir, one must not discount that his insider status gave him the authenticity to speak with authority and knowledgeability and to spin a valuable narrative of what was transpiring in the corridors of power of the Marcos regime before it was unraveled by the military revolt led by Enrile and Ramos.
operational building collaboration with other LSP and other actors and knowledgeability of sales personnel (Yang et al.
When this happens, the environmental issue can become tied to the personality of the celebrity and his or her knowledgeability.
The Society's general director Mubarak Al-Hadi said the participation of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)-financial supporters from inside Bahrain and abroad contributes in merging between local and international expertise, exchanging of experiences, boosting societies capabilities, capacities, contributions in development in the manner which strengthens civil society organisations in Bahrain in all administrative and economic fields and enriches the knowledgeability of NGOs' personnel in Bahrain.
I had to have a friend come and stand in front of me so I could imagine I was talking to someone sort of casually rather than talking to an entire camera crew of probably slightly dubious musical knowledgeability.
Giddens' theory of structuration (21) helps clarify how beliefs play such a central role, proposing that agents' knowledgeability (i.
According to Nowotny et al (2004), one of the biggest problems of western academic knowledge production is disciplinarity and its segmenting approach towards knowledge and knowledgeability.
In this respect, he applies the knowledgeability of the hard-boiled hero to the realm of the aesthetic.
Shared emotion and enthusiasm generate "a mutual 'closeness', exclusivity of knowledgeability and sociability among the participants" (Geoghegan, 2013, page 45).
While the musical knowledgeability of other eighteenth-century English writers has sometimes been questioned, (3) Fielding's is undeniable.
They also call on each other when they have a problem to solve or knowledgeability to offer (Dekker & Kingma, 1999).
I do not doubt that it is possible for such a slave trader to describe himself as an avatar of cosmopolitanism on grounds of his mobility, his knowledgeability of otherness and the global element of his 'ethico-political' 'vision.
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