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wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge

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The level of awareness and knowledgeability of educational application of ICT (Computer and Internet) in teaching STM is still very low.
Every effort must be made not only to assess the knowledgeability and cooperation of the source, but--of supreme importance--to vet the individual in a manner that provides the interrogator with a high degree of confidence in the source's identity.
From this perspective, lifelong learning can be seen to valorise informal knowledgeability rather than knowing as a form of self development or deep expertise.
During the first decade of the movement in Egypt the dress code for women corresponded to the degree of Islamic knowledgeability and reading, as well as to a step on a scale of leadership among women.
We who belong to the world of journalism know a great deal, and are proud of it, and sanctify such knowledgeability in quiz programs and a disdain for those who cannot tell in what century the Civil War happened, or how many states make up the U.
Gore could consider himself fortunate that the index of candidate competence (a combination of ratings on knowledgeability and intelligence) outweighed assessments of candidate integrity (a combination of ratings of morality and dishonesty).
In structuration theory the knowledgeability of the human actor plays an essential role.
The second part, to be published in November's issue, will document experiences of several associations that have begun to focus on improving knowledgeability, trust, and nimbleness and have achieved a degree of success in evolving governance.
The Senior Man of the Year is chosen by YM/ WREA's Board of Governors based on their evaluation of the member's integrity, professional ethics, knowledgeability, and accomplishments in the field of real estate, their contribution of time and effort to the YM/WREA and the Real Estate Board of New York, Inc.
State finalists will be evaluated on academic achievement, volunteer service to church and community, school honors and activities, development of personal skills and abilities, general knowledgeability, communicative ability, and onstage acknowledgment of accomplishments.
The students became casualties in a church structure dominated by the "old men" whose maturity, knowledgeability and wisdom were assumed.
Our health department strives to survey the regulated communities every three to four years, asking several questions about the fairness, consistency professionalism, and knowledgeability of our field staff.
Moreover, a transatlantic knowledgeability and expertise, constantly perceptible in their works of art, transformed what could have been imitative courses of action into fresh and unusual, if not astonishing, approaches to music.
Unless we successfully theorize intentional processes of social change, for example, by acknowledging the situated reality of agent-structure dualism (or subject-object distance), agents, such as the psychiatrists of this paper's title, are unhappily and unnecessarily reduced to Garfinkel's "judgmental dopes," despite Giddens's protestations of knowledgeability, producing invalid diagnoses for seemingly valid organizational and professional reasons.
Findings from Lave's 1988 ethnographic study of how adults used math in real-world contexts such as grocery stores led her to assert that "knowledge in practice, constituted in the settings of practice, is the locus of the most powerful knowledgeability of people in the lived-in world" (1988, p.
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