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an analyst of conditions affecting a particular industry

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The importance of the knowledge worker is not lost on IT industry leaders.
What this means is that female knowledge workers are more likely to experience frustration in finding a job that meets their expectations," says Graham Lowe, Professor of Sociology from the University of Alberta and one of the reports' authors.
Harrison specializes in providing knowledge workers for telecommunications and cable companies.
A large transnational guild of communication professionals - well-paid knowledge workers all - should provide the needed stimulus.
By providing executives with increased visibility and control and driving knowledge worker productivity, this dynamic BPM offering allows organizations to benefit from greater accountability and insight into business operations.
In 1981, Paul Flessner received a bachelor's degree in business administration at Illinois State University in Normal and became a knowledge worker, a term that wasn't coined until 11 years later.
To achieve these ends, the knowledge worker needs access to a complex array of information resources, including printed publications of all kinds, information systems documentation, bibliographic and other information utilities, proprietary and public databases, and the thoughts and voices of colleagues.
Collaboration: from knowledge workers to network-based communities
Acrobat Connect enables knowledge workers to instantly meet and conduct business online through real-time, interactive web conferencing that is simple to access and easy to use.
a leading provider of business process management (BPM) solutions, today announced the release of OfficeEngine(TM), a breakthrough application that enables knowledge workers to create, assign, sub-delegate, track and execute mission critical work in real time.
With Adobe Acrobat Connect and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, Adobe is transforming the way knowledge workers meet and conduct business online with "always-on" personal meeting rooms.
Adobe Document Center Offers Knowledge Workers Persistent Protection and Dynamic Control of PDF, Word and Excel Documents
We believe web collaboration needs to be as easy as sending and viewing a PDF document, so anyone can reap the benefits of meeting online in real-time," said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Business Unit, Adobe.
More than a simple key word search engine, the solution is able to interpret what the knowledge worker needs to find - even if he/she doesn't know how to ask the correct question.
The combined Certeon and BA-Insight solution delivers the optimum search capabilities for customers in the engineering, consulting and government markets whose knowledge worker productivity is diminished due to the difficulty of quickly locating and retrieving enterprise information.
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