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a person who knows or apprehends

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This is a starker contrast than Augustine's, for whom faith is a kind of purgative knowledge binding the knower to God, and "sapientia" an understanding of faith available in a limited way to a few but not perfected for anyone until Jesus hands the kingdom over to God the Father.
He reversed Kant's Copernican revolution by insisting that the task of science is to understand the world of reality that exists and operates by rules that are quite independent of the human knower.
The first examines Eckhart's account of the limitations of the correspondence theory of truth, according to which the knower might still be "outside" the known.
complains that the objectivizing approach of science too readily overlooks the subjective element in the universe, including that of the scientist as knower.
Pleasant Cemetery, Knower and Ellis Roads, Westminster, MA.
A presumption is a tentative claim to truth, which allows the knower to navigate the vast domain of uncertainty.
The "participationist" thematic stresses Aquinas's originality in adapting the Aristotelian and Neoplatonic traditions; the "transcendental" thematic emphasizes the dynamic a priori structures of the knower and the relation of knowing to being; the "analogical" thematic searches for the ontological grounds of real knowledge of God.
Pleasant Cemetery, Ellis and Knower Roads, Westminster, MA 01473.
Junior Colin London of Worcester had 15 points and 12 rebounds while classmate Tim Graham and sophomore Elliot Knower of Templeton each added 11 points.
It is a methodology that escapes the traps of subjective idealism and postmodernist perspectivalism, while at the same time opening the human knower to the transcendent in a way that does not require the sacrifice of reason.
The LCT framework introduced above allows for the systematic description of both of these discursive practices: (1) as a knowledge code, and the second, (2) as a knower code.
Bill Perfect's COO, Todd Knower says, "Order management facilitates order-to-cash processing by eliminating bottlenecks, redundancies and errors.
He wrote: 'As a professional, the physician has always acted as a healer using faith, empiricism, or rational resources; as a knower, for he knows the secrets of nature and of the human being; as a preventer, for he can arrest disease by forestalling its vanguards before they develop; and as an organizer, for he can guide society in fighting the historico-social process called disease.
Knowledge may be more clearly understood as a partial unity of knower and known.
Manjapra identifies Enlightenment science with three features; "the search for rational universal laws that authoritatively categorized, arranged and ordered the natural and the human domains" (8); "the idea of the 'rational' individual as the observer, knower, and master of his or her environment" (8); and "positivistic subjectivism" (10).