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Synonyms for knowable

capable of being readily understood

Synonyms for knowable

capable of being known

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For Laozi, Dao as the source of everything is not only knowable, in knowing the harmony of opposites that governs the natural conditions of all things, but also bound up with his ethics.
You may want to wait awhile to see if some of the unknowables become knowable.
1 * All ordinary truths are knowable (scrutable) for the agent who uses the cosmoscope, i.
Here, Tavares has given us a compelling group of characters who are puzzled about the world they inhabit and deploy novel, often bizarre logic in order to wrestle it--as gracefully as Chaplin's Little Tramp in the boxing ring--into the realm of the knowable.
For an individual child, the outcome may be knowable only with time and after some years of intervention.
Everything in the present is knowable, but in the future, nothing is completely knowable.
In those circumstances, her primary concern is not how much money is awarded by way of compensation but to know exactly what the extent was of the hacking which took place and, having obtained an order which will enable her to know that - so far as it is knowable - that meets all her requirements from this action.
It shows that knowledge construction is possible while assuming a knowable reality.
By determining those parts of the world that are subject to natural reflection," Dallal writes, "Ibn Khaldun liberated scientists from the burden of attempting to explore what is not knowable.
The only Muslim to be included in the Library of Living Philosophers, Nasr is an exponent of the philosophy that understanding the fundamental nature of reality is knowable by individuals, and that it manifests itself in the religions and wisdom traditions of all cultures and civilizations.
Mr Schmidt said: "I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.
Fuchs's thoughtful and persuasive tutorial on making DARPA-E successful ("Cloning DARPA Successfully," Issues, Fall 2009) rests on two unprovable assumptions: first, that DARPA has been successful, and second, that the reasons for that success are knowable and replicable.
Opening papers address the question of whether and how adolescence can be considered a stage in development; the second section explores how visible or potentially knowable minority statuses are experienced and how this interacts with individual identity processes.
It is not because the concept behind viral loop is knowable to only those entrenched in a secret internet society; it is because these are usually the only people who truly care, or have a need to care, about what a viral loop is.