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Synonyms for knowable

capable of being readily understood

Synonyms for knowable

capable of being known

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As a result, a manufacturer could face possible liability for the interaction of any two drugs as long as the harm connected with the interaction was knowable.
Anderson discussed the concepts of negligence, strict liability, and absolute liability and upheld strict liability for failure to warn of known or knowable risks.
Subsequent books, such as Expressions of Sea Level (1963), Tape for the Turn of the Year (1965; composed on adding-machine tape), and Uplands (1970), continued the poet's investigation into the relationship between the knowable and the unknowable.
By contrast, the Roman tradition, with Aristotle as its first great figure, focuses upon the human intellect as decisive because there is an orderly and knowable universe which the human being can discem and use to govern its existence.
Our budgetary control is there to help us stamp out the unstable variances, and the whole point of our strategic retreat is to make the future knowable.
TEI explained that the fact-driven nature of section 482 transfer price disputes raises serious concerns over the propriety of imposing penalties in an area where the standard of conduct is not known or knowable in advance.
Spencer is known for his application of the scientific doctrines of evolution to philosophy and ethics, with a central principle, the " persistence of force, " as the agent of all change, form, and organization in the knowable universe.
Creating effective operational models using resources like the ZESS POWR system will make wind energy a more knowable and valuable generation source.
Citing truth as better than illusion, he argues that there is another high-level psychological capacity called flexibility, which means that sometimes optimism may be better, sometimes pessimism and sometimes even realism itself when reality is knowable.
The search for a conceptual definition of knowledge, then, seems to lead to the Platonic-Aristotelian question of what constitutes knowable form, and how form is present in the world, such that it can be a known world.
Mr Schmidt said: "I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.
Lieberman said: "For advertisers, there may be a lot more that is knowable than is known, and this is a data-driven method for knowing more about how to create persuasive messages.
What readers have now is an accessible and illustrated paperback that has outlived the many assaults of postmodern scholarship: it reiterates that there exists a palpable, knowable, demystified India.
Readers follow a path that doubles back over the deserts of time so that the characters we meet are more fully rendered and knowable.
Alice was caught in the radiance of the not yet knowable.