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Synonyms for know-how

Synonyms for know-how

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Words related to know-how

the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something

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In the absence of historical cost records, estimate corporate effort to re-create the know-how if it were to be developed from scratch, including:
Historical sale of revenues for products and/or services employing the know-how for the last five years.
Know-how: The proposed regulations limit know-how to computer programming techniques not capable of being copyrighted and, "subject to trade secret protection.
The know-how being licensed encompasses those improvements that have had the largest impact on our ability to maintain stable operations.
With our current design technology and IP know-how, the collaboration agreements recently entered into with major partners, and today's announcement regarding PTS, the key components are in place to expand ST's position in the hard disk drive market.
Ulrich Seng, Chairman of SPEA Software AG, emphasized that for SPEA the joint venture with Philips offers the optimum possibility to take the extensive system knowledge and 3D know-how into multimedia ICs.