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But like the thousands of parents who contact Know the Score every month, David needed answers to help educate his daughter.
These are just some of the typical calls made to the Know the Score helpline.
Know The Score has been created not just for all the football fans, but for those who may be feeling slightly out of touch and in need of a crash course in the what's what and who's who in football
If you really want to know the score, find out who funded the research.
So call us--to know the score before you enter the game.
Instead, those who know the score will be checking out Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports 1.
With Russell indexes, they'll know the rules and they'll know the score.
Chang and Morgan introduce performance scorecards with three types of business leaders: those who know the score and know they are winning, those who know the score and know they are losing, and those who don't know the score.
I'm sad no more, I know the score, the memories keep me safe, I was hurting so much to feel your touch, I know you're in God's heavenly place.
99) is available at all good bookshops and direct from Know The Score Books Ltd, 118 Alcester Road, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7NT for only pounds 15 (P&P free).
However, if you've seen the trailer or the TV spots, you probably know the score.
The Know The Score advert will hit TV screens next week with the message 'smoking heroin leads to addiction'.
There are a growing number of calls about cocaine, often from people in their twenties and thirties in full-time work who never thought they would ring Know the Score.
Bonkers Bet Scotland 1, Italy 1 (6-1IF you want to know the score in a big game before it happens, check out the Bonkers Bet.
These are people who are very involved and they know the score.