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a whip with a lash of leather thongs twisted with wire

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Alas for the knout! The nervous arm that wielded it, with such a gigantic force on public characters, was paralysed beneath the glance of the imperious Mrs.
We are familiar with their truncheons, knouts, and nooses." Despair gnawed at Konrad's mother, Ewa, and there was little enough left of her by the time she died in 1865.
A certain Lieutenant Savin, to whom the village elder had delivered the runaway wench Marfa Samsonova, summoned his men Matvei Iakovlev, Ivan Ivanov, Nikita Fedoseev, and Ksenofon Grigor'ev to his chambers with their knouts. Marfa Samsonova was taken out onto the porch, stripped naked, and flogged mercilessly, after which she was taken to the servants' cottage and laid on a bench.
Catherine II's Charter to the Nobility of 1785 stipulated that persons of noble birth were not to be "touched" by the knout or whip.
They all would die, if not by the knout then in the backbreaking conditions of hard labor.
Mercy was emphasized even if it meant only that some but not all the men implicated in the Plague Riot--the two who drew the short straws--were hanged, while the rest were beaten with the knout and exiled to hard labor.
Rather, some should be branded with the word "thief" (vor); others should have their nostrils slit; all should be beaten with the knout and sent off to do penal labor; summary briefs were to be sent to the Senate and to her imperial highness, supported by argumentation to await instruction.
Not even Cromwell, whose boys murdered a few of my ancestors, could suppress the lusty appetite the British have for holidays and their determination to keep them, come the knouts of the Labor Party or outright Communism.