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a whip with a lash of leather thongs twisted with wire

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The historiography of Russia seems nearly held together by themes and threads of violence, suffering, and the knout.
Joe said Emma Goldman told people she became an anarchist after she saw a peasant beaten with the knout, when she was a girl in Russia.
Still, for weeks I didn't knout this person's true identity, and for a while I was unable to verify many details I was being told about allegedly illegal marketing activities for an HIV medicine.
He sucked in his cheeks to indicate just how meager he had grown under the Soviet knout.
In spite of the unceasing efforts of those who happen to be in authority to conceal this and attribute some other significance to it, authority has always meant for man the cord, the chain with which he is bound and fettered, or the knout with which he is to be flogged, or the ax with which he is to have hands, ears, nose, or head cut off, or at the very least, the threat of these terrors.
Licensors from overseas should knouT it's worthwhile to have their films screened here.
The congregation is too large for most members to knout each other, much less be involved with each other in face-to-face ways.
Hopes were not high for Russia or any peoples within the sphere of Russian Orthodoxy because Eastern Christendom had never undergone a Reformation and its peoples had never known Enlightenment; Russia knew only the knout.
Tell students they are going to see how much they knout about HIV, hepatitis C, and the drug-abuse connection.
was looking forward to the swift introduction into our schools of the Tsar's favourite punishment, a terrible whip called the knout.
A knout of revelation a corm of song and love a net of possible surrounding all acts of life one woman harvesting all I have ever been lights up my sky like stars or flecks of paint storm-flung the blast and seep of gone remains only the peace we make with it shifts into seasons lengthening past equinox sun wind come round again seizing us in her arms like a warrior lover or blowing us into shapes we have avoided for years as we turn we forget what is not possible.
Its point of departure was one of the most brutal and backward political economies in Europe, one that had ruled by the Cossack's knout until 1917 and had abolished serfdom only two generations earlier.
If he was well aware that men could throw their lives away for baubles, and hand their liberty over to a leader, or could fatalistically succumb to the knout, the church or the state, he also had faith of another kind: namely, that human beings could make choices between good and evil, that freedom in the full sense of the word was not an abstraction: it was there to be seized.
In the last days of the Cold War, what mattered in a country like Afghanistan was not that godless communism had been defeated but that the knout had fallen at last from the fist of Christian Russia.
Or so maybe it seemed to an alienated intelligentsia up to its eyeballs in vodka, dominoes, smoked fish, sable skins, onion domes, six-winged seraphs, a snuff box and the knout.