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pine lumber with many knots

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He marveled at the delicate lintels over the doors, the precisely spaced nailheads set perfectly flush in the tongue-and-groove, the knotty pine paneling and the impeccable fit of the boards.
Species include: African mahogany, sapele, teak, ebony, knotty pine, birds-eye maple, cherry, hickory and walnut.
Lodgepole pine, contorta pine, knotty pine, black pine, spruce pine.
I minse the durggery, those times we shared, the moon fat, my belly fat, the interlocutor and his winsome designs which stole your heart from the knotty pine where I had placed it and like a Machiavellian or an unconvinced Manichean he slipped it into his pocket and strode forth, and danced a jig, and made a big deal in front of everyone at the lunch counter as though his love, and not mine, was to light the fulsome season and the nested delights of afterware in the cottage's divine enclosure of candle smoke and your hands.
One night a week we have dinner at a restaurant, The Knotty Pine.
My first runner, Knotty Pine, was a winner back in 1968 and 43 years later, my last runner Medaille D'Or won at Lingfield in January.
It's that kind of highly varnished wood they favored in the '50s, like knotty pine without the knots.
2 Minka Group's Casa Cristina Lighting Collection includes this accent lamp, featuring knotty pine.
The smell of fresh lumber, fir and knotty pine, the moist earthy smell of mud, and sticky clay imprinted vividly on his senses.
He recalls not only the effect of the knotty pine walls of his boyhood home but the psychic role of family names--that, say of a brother's curious middle name, Wood, or, more to the point, that his own name, Carroll, is one often mistaken for that of a girl.
During the event, certified antique and jewelry appraisers associated with the Gallery at Knotty Pine Auction Service in Swanzey assessed the value of a range of items brought in by residents at Langdon Place and members of the community.
PAINT effects have a bit of a bad reputation and thus many people consider them best consigned to decorating history - just like swirly ceilings and knotty pine.
On a warm day at the August 2006 show, the sawmill crew worked with red oak, white oak and hard knotty pine.
That opens opportunities for millwork and cabinetry featuring the much-desired knotty pine look.
For the woodsy cabin feel, Heimler used knotty pine paneling that is certified sustainably grown, meaning the wood was logged under environmental guidelines.