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Synonyms for knotty

Synonyms for knotty

Synonyms for knotty

making great mental demands

used of old persons or old trees

highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

tangled in knots or snarls

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Whether it should also be our second impulse is a rather knottier question.
Two works for violin and orchestra Partita (1988) and Chain 2(1984-5) have a tougher, knottier harmonic language but shot through with moments of other-worldly lyricism - weird but often wonderful - and soloist Tasmin Little is excellent.
Concision, always concision and clarity, even though some people would read my knottier sentences and say, What are you talking about?
In this issue brief, the authors turn to an arguably knottier problem: the dearth of reliable, complete, and comparable data on pre-K and kindergarten in school districts and local communities.
As medical researchers move into ever knottier territory, parsing the threads that make up biological systems is becoming more difficult.
Sergei is supposed to be read as a solid, generous, and uncompromised character who has, even to a fault, Masha's best interests at heart, but the musical subtext exposes a far knottier and conflicted, even repulsive, man.
The knottier passages do not constitute the book's entire argument, but form a significant-enough portion that they obscure just how good Rickels's book can be, particularly when sticking close to Dick's fiction.
This circumstance gets knottier if the Hopi man recarves and/or repaints an existing doll to age it; for example, he or someone else might take a 1970s doll and alter it to look like a carving made around 190o.
With a calm acceptance of his standing, Simon's curiosity for and determination to engage with life's knottier philosophical issues reaps dividends.
While most people in the room were familiar with what the LEP will do - as far as we can be, thoughts were very much turning to the knottier issue of how Northumberland can speak with a voice loud enough to ensure enough of the LEP activity is focused on the county, to tackle some of the very specific issues more rural parts of the region face.
the discovery can be fairly limited in scope and need not extend to knottier issues of scienter.
Norvig had an extensive laundry list of search enhancements, focusing on the knottier problems involved in providing relevant search results.
While the scientific evidence of climate change has hardened to the point of irrefutability, blaming someone for it in a court of law is a knottier business.
The dissent also may have believed that there can be too much disclosure--that the longer and knottier the disclosure, the less likely it is to be read and the harder it is to decipher.
MORRIS: The Relief Administration was a knottier problem than the Department of Finance at that time, am I right?