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Synonyms for knotted

tied with a knot

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used of old persons or old trees

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Knots actually weaken rope because when knotted rope is strained to breaking point it almost invariably fails at the knot or nearby.
Anything that's long and flexible seems to somehow end up knotted," says Andrew Belmonte, an applied mathematician at Pennsylvania State University in University Park.
Statistical analysis of the data showed no significant difference in the mean shear strength of clear and knotted specimens.
But the knotted loop will slide easily along the main line when pressure is removed.
The abacus of the Arabian cultures is thought to have started as knotted ropes; the Hebrew-Aramaic word abaq means "make a loop or knot.
Fit to be tied this summer are short, sassy neckerchiefs; long, elegant stoles and boas; and an array of headscarfs, from the tiny triangle scarf knotted under the chin to the elegant head-wrap style worn with sunglasses by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis.
It contains eight crossings in a 192-atom closed loop, and is roughly 10,000 times thinner than a human hair - the most tightly knotted physical structure ever created.
Adams was interested in what mathematicians call knot complements: the three-dimensional shapes left behind when a knotted loop is drilled out of three-dimensional space, like a wormhole through an apple (SN: 12/8/01, p.
The basic question of knot theory is, Given two knots that look very different, is there a way tell whether they are knotted in the same way (SN: 12/8/01, p.