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a hole in a board where a knot came out

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I put mirrors behind knotholes and wrote sayings in tiny script: "Unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense," by e.
syriacus Cleft in wall, (p) Fruit stones, (p,m) tree, (m) or walnuts (m) branch (q) Picoides pubescens (r) Cleft in bark, Seeds knotholes P.
As an artist whose work consists in a dependably unpredictable and yet decidedly single-minded meditation on the sculptural body, which is to say, on our own bodies as embodied in art, Ray must have savored the spectacle of living, breathing bodies crawling about the floor of his Hollywood gallery: peering up the knotholes, down the hollow trunk, and getting lost in the ocean of tiny carving marks.
Gene says they "sort of camped in the house that whole winter, with tin-can lids covering knotholes in the floor," making do with a temporary kitchen and an outhouse.
Now, with some designs, the company has added a two-toned, hand-rubbed took in which knotholes and other imperfections appear naturally dull in contrast with the rest of the board.
every step will be a signal knock beneath the grains and knotholes of the wooden boards mounted on top of the ground you will hear streams rivers and waterfalls rushing between the cracks of the planks later trodden down the water of the marshes will rise seep in and the cotton grass will creep upwards
Blumenfield knew that it was the Angel of Death peering through the knotholes of their eyes, beckoning him to the Other Side.
Breezes waft in through screens and knotholes, and over the course of an hour, you'll likely be reduced to a pleasing state of vegetation, both physical and mental.
She has focused on Pachycondyla inversa, an ant collected in Brazil from tree knotholes and cacao pods.
Giles, Prince George, is located in the centre of British Columbia's interior forestry industry, an industry that has hit a few knotholes in recent years.
For example, Germany's longstanding laws banning the use of preservatives in beer sold within its borders (only recently overturned by the EU) and Japan's restrictions on the size of knotholes in plywood do not appear to have provided much protection for the public but have substantially reduced imports (Cateora and Graham 1999).
Because once you start carving into a tree, you open the tree up and then there are knotholes and things you didn't know about, and the artist would work around those and they would become part of the mask.
The Belgrave Hotel (01803 296666) on Torre Abbey Sands, where I misspent my pre-pubescent summers peeking through the knotholes of the wooden changing huts, is still there.
And in the middle third of the book, entitled "American Journeys," Stephen Corey states, "Everywhere I turn I find homes:/ Nests and burrows, sheltered corners,/ pockholes in sand, knotholes in trees.
These products are manufactured with no core voids, knotholes, or delamination problems.