knockout punch

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a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing

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That turning point was provided by Jasprit Bumrah, strangely at the very early part of the innings, and the South African did not recover from the knockout punch and the match went just one way, in India's favour.
"I would think that if Khabib's really about that action, he's going to do what he says, it's going to be really tough for Conor to have any lead in that arm to throw that knockout punch in the fourth or fight round, so I would say Khabib to win."
Canelo Alvarez delivering the knockout punch to Amir Khan on Saturday night
A CHAMPION boxer has helped to inspire young women and give them the knockout punch to succeed.
SAM WYLIE-HARRIS mixes it with the best and suggests some communal tipples for the Bank Holiday weekend KNOCKOUT PUNCH NOTTING Hill Carnival, Europe's biggest street festival, is on its way, so there couldn't be a better time to imbibe some Caribbean charm: think rum punches, fruity long drinks and other tropical concoctions.
Those who did not experience Morgenbesser could not fully appreciate James Ryerson's words in his superb portrait in the "The Lives They Lived" issue of The New York Times Magazine: "The episode was classic Morgenbesser: The levity, the lightning quickness, the impatience with formality in both thought and manners, the gift for the knockout punch." (Ryerson has long been working on a book about Morgenbesser.) Nor could most people know that this comic genius was revered by philosophers and other literati, including people of eminence and fame, as one of the truly spectacular philosophical minds of his timesomeone whom, reportedly, no less a figure than Bertrand Russell considered one of the cleverest (that's British for "smartest") young men in the United States.
Summary: Tokyo: Serena Williams may pack a knockout punch and be the greatest player ever to ...
Derry talked about levels before the Tommy Coyle fight and he only won one second of that fight and that was the knockout punch. It was a great knockout and I was happy you did it because I don't like Tommy Coyle.
"They didn't let us throw a knockout punch, and I thought in the second half they turned that on us and they threw a knockout punch.
It's not a knockout punch, but it's a remarkable ad--something we need more of to ensure our marketing is relevant to the connected generation.
These new results, combined with disappointing outcomes in a separate study of apo E4 carriers, were the knockout punch for bapineuzumab.
Klitschko, 35, who holds the WBO, IBF and IBO belts, hit back by saying he was confident he could floor Haye by unleashing his 50th career knockout punch.
McEwan, who admits he may move down to light-middleweight as he tries to find a knockout punch, insists he will use the defeat against Lee to inspire his comeback.
WALES 19 IRELAND 13 MIKE PHILLIPS celebrated his 50th Welsh cap with a controversial knockout punch that left Ireland on the canvass.