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Synonyms for knocking

the sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing)


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Now, just as Mr Quilp laid his hand upon the lock, and saw with great astonishment that the fastenings were undone, the knocking came again with the most irritating violence, and the daylight which had been shining through the key-hole was intercepted on the outside by a human eye.
It distressed Annette to such an extent that now, if she went upstairs and heard Sellers' voice in the studio, she came down again without knocking.
I had only to keep knocking on the floor long enough--'
One morning Bunster got up in a mood for knocking seven bells out of the universe.
"And, mind ye, there's nae knocking at the door possible, when I've got the tray in baith my hands, and mairs the pity, the gout in baith my feet." With that friendly warning, Mr.
In adult life, we find ourselves knocking on doors that are different from the doors we used to knock as kids.
The high-frequency pressure oscillations induced by knocking combustion are reflected on in-cylinder temperature and therefore on ion concentration, causing a corresponding oscillation of the ion current signal, as can be seen in Figure 3.
27 June 2018 - US-based broadcast media e-commerce platform Knocking has acquired curation, management and fulfillment firm Deal Segments, Inc., the company said.
In this video comprising a series of stories of a family, "knocking" is shown as the best solution for preventing problems in everyday life.
'The father got scared by the knocking; he pulled out his firearm and shot in the direction of the person who was knocking,' he added.
<br />While the bulk of the case law shows that officers would be wise to confine their knocking to front doors, the state's courts have OK'd a back door knock and talk in at least one case, which, as the Court of Appeals noted in Stanley, involved "unusual circumstances." <br />In 2015, a divided state Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals' decision in State v.
For a long time, I couldn't watch Erkan Teper knocking me out but you grow as a person.
Attend, it said, or face the consequences of cops knocking on your doors - a known part of Tokhang, which meant to knock and plead.
From this we conclude that the presence of water vapor increases the resistance to knocking of the gaseous fuel/air mixture substantially.