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Words related to knockdown

a blow that knocks the opponent off his feet

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(furniture) easily assembled and dismantled

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The Pro Grade Knockdown Ceiling Textures heavy formula and full-bodied texture enable pros to easily patch knockdown ceilings and reduce the time it takes to do so.
The knockdowns were silly mistakes, he caught me well but I had to get myself back into it.
Ramana Reddy, CMD Anu Furnitures added, "We see huge potential of these almirahs, which offer a combination of stylish looks, knockdown design and sturdiness.
Because they got the knockdown they probably felt they had done enough.
plans to launch production on a knockdown basis in Vladivostok this winter.
gambiae population from Minna, the mosquitoes were quite responsive to fenitrothion, as instant knockdown featured prominently and it subsequently persisted throughout the 1 h exposure period affecting 97.
You can apply knockdown texture to bare drywall and paint over it later.
Until close of play on Bank Holiday Monday Kwik-Fit is offering Bridgestone tyres at knockdown prices, with up to 35 per cent off.
Many knockdown shots finish with the forward swing low and only half completed, with the wrists not fully released as in a normal shot.
Hevi-Shot's Hevi-13 has 40 percent more knockdown power and 40 percent more effective range than lead.
In one of the fights of 2009, which featured an double knockdown in Stoke, Samuels prevailed by stopping Prizefighter finalist Renda in the third round.
The researchers also were interested specifically in genes whose expression were increased in KLF17 knockdown cells but decreased in KLF17 overexpressing cells or vice versa.
The store has all manner of hats and fascinators at knockdown prices.
The Greenock boxer also lost his Lonsdale Belt in Friday's points defeat to Paul Appleby at Kelvin Hall and has no doubt Loughlin's decision to award a knockdown against him in the fifth round was the reason he isn't still the champ.