knock off

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  • verb

Synonyms for knock off

get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing

take by theft

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After the Soprano Knights knock off Cincinnati, Syracuse and, finally, West Virginia on Dec.
Who Wants to be a Killionaire" is a fantastic knock off of the once famous game show, and "Mother's Haunted Housecoat" was in short, twisted.
He's also ponied up another $2,000 to Maria Cantwell, the former Real Network CEO who's had trouble paying off her '00 campaign debt in the wake of the stock market downturn, and to Tom Strickland, who's running an underdog campaign to knock off GOP senator Wayne Allard in Colorado.
During England's first match, the country almost ground to a halt--with factories even installing TV screens so their workers wouldn't knock off early.
the Hong Kong based company that develops and manufactures, the Air Hogs[R] Havoc Heli[TM] announced today that they have filed suit against Soft Air USA and the Sports Authority retail chain after Soft Air's knock off toy helicopter was recalled pursuant to an investigation by the U.
Wake Forest will survive a third-round classic with Gonzaga and knock off Louisville in the regional final.
Moreover, the Studebaker XUV is so similar to the H2 that the public will be confused by the knock off of the H2.