genu valgum

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an inward slant of the thigh

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Bow legs make the knees appear wide apart and the legs look like a circle, while knock knees is a condition which makes the knees appear to bend inward towards each other.
I RECENTLY was asked by a friend if I had noticed that my three year old had knock knees when he is standing up straight.
17 SARA COX, OUR COLUMNIST Coxy believes she was born to run: it's just a shame her bow legs and her knock knees don't agree with the rest of her
The court was told von Werra was taking a number of prescribed drugs for his ailments including sciatica, deep vein thrombosis, depression and knock knees.
He describes her teeth as yellow, says she has droopy boobs, knock knees and `arms with no tone to speak of.
QMY seven-year-old son has knock knees and refuses to wear shorts because he is self-conscious.
In kids under 7 years of age, knock knees should be ignored unless the femorotibial angle is wider than 15 degrees or the legs are asymmetrical.
He was painfully shy, frequently liable to burst into tears, and he suffered from gastritis, knock knees and nervous twitches.