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needle consisting of a slender rod with pointed ends

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I used small pan-head screws spaced to hit the knitting needle before the end of the draw tube travels too far past the bearings," Jerry says.
Push the knitting needle into the cork and push the cork in the top of the bottle.
Even if getting out of it comes at the expense of knitting needles sales in the UAE.
Every one of the 25,000 light and dark blue bottles had to be provided with a hole and then was threaded with a knitting needle.
However, my old granny armed with a knitting needle would pick as many winners as he does at Romford now
One time it was a knitting needle that acted as an impromptu corkscrew, plunging the wood into the bottle and splattering the walls with Shiraz, so that the room was transformed into a Hitchcockian murder scene.
Using a pencil, pen or a knitting needle, push into the heart to create an embossed pattern that will show on the right side of the heart.
Turn the sausage you make 'right side out' with the help of the large knitting needle.
My housemate can't get enough of it, but the minute they all burst into song I want to ram a knitting needle through my eye just to escape.
13 Milward steel knitting needle with grey plastic covering.
When was the last time you heard of a spate of knitting needle accidents?
Pick apart what happened to Ellin Klor on the front porch of a friend's house in 2006 and her miracle of survival reveals itself as a list of crucial momentseverything from her calm reaction to the shocking sight of a knitting needle sticking out of her chest to the easy availability of top-flight trauma surgeons at Stanford Hospital & Clinics.
A WOMAN told yesterday how her mother stabbed her newborn baby to death with a knitting needle.
T WAS a contrast and a sharp one at that - as sharp as a needle, a knitting needle.