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The complex's production capacity is as follows: cotton yarn - 4,250 tons per year; severe knitted fabric - 4,050 tons per year; dyed knitted fabric - 3,850 tons per year; finished garments - 15.0 million pieces per year.
Mito, "Determination of loop length, tightness factor and porosity of single jersey knitted fabric," Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol.
The ratio of natural and synthetic fibres in the blend plays a vital role in comfort of the knitted fabric. The high ratio of cellulosic fibre in the blend increases the moisture regain of the fabric that results in higher diffusivity of the material.
Relevant data related to the effect of yarn twist on knitted fabric properties include fiber properties, spinning machine parameters, yarn property, knitting machine parameters, knitted fabric types, and test results are collected.
The reason should be the fact that the finishing process caused the changes of knitted fabric structural parameters.
Ms Hall, from Newcastle, spent much of the last year creating a new type of knitted fabric that is now being used in the designs.
Bruckner is a worldwide supplier of modular and well tuned lines for the finishing of woven and knitted fabric with domicile and production sites in Germany.
13 : a spot in knitted fabric that has unraveled <My stocking has a run in it.>
Important determinants of the thickness as well as of the compression behavior of knitted fabric are the loop curvature into the plane of the fabric and the knitted loop dimension out of the plane of the fabric.
Around 30 companies and fashion designers will present their collections during this Fashion Week that will last until March 23.The following styles will be presented in collections: gala dress, non-traditional use of materials, avantgarde, street-style, business dress, knitted fabric, and fir collection.Visitors can buy some articles from fashion collection and jewellery pieces at show rooms which are open in the hall of the Russian Drama Theater.
Naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-dust mite, the bed has a layer of natural latex for extra comfort along with a unique Miracoil spring system and soft knitted fabric. Available from Silentnight stockists, prices start from pounds 629.
A flame-resistant knitted fabric made of 50 percent wool and 50 percent aramid is also under development for use in manufacturing underwear, hand wear, and headwear.
In order to observe progressive damage accumulation, model sandwich laminates were fabricated using a single layer of the knitted fabric sandwiched between outer plies of unidirectional glass-reinforced epoxy resin.
THE EUROPEAN Commission has proposed opening zero-duty import quotas for three knitted fabric lines where is demand within the European Union (EU), but whose local production is weak.