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made by intertwining threads in a series of connected loops rather than by weaving

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Most recently, the group has knitted 50 hedgehogs and a huge poppy display in Nunthorpe.
Gone are the days when female, especially old ladies, were found carrying wool and knitting needles in their hands while making knitted pieces in exotic patterns with sheer expertise during winter days.
She and her friends have knitted one whole blanket of 75x75 centimetres.
Knitted fabrics are produced by interlooping of yarns and showed increasing demand for their shape fitting, smoothness, flexibility, elasticity, and good elastic recovery.
Each framework agreement will be concluded with 1 supplier to deliver the assortment for Part 1: caps knitted winter khaki, caps knitted winter white, caps knitted winter beige, hats knitted winter black, gloves Knitted summer khaki, gloves knitted summer beige, gloves knitted summer black, gloves knitted summer white, gloves knitted winter kaki, gloves knitted winter beige, gloves knitted winter black, gloves knitted winter white, scarf white, scarf gray, hoods knit white, Knitted black, khaki knitted kaki, flameless hooded hoods, black non-flammable hooded helmets, non-flammable kaki caps, or the end of the period of 48 months for which the framework agreement will be concluded, or by the exhaustion of the specified amount of funds - the estimated value of the contract.
While my favorite sweaters to knit are those knitted from the neck down, and Harper's book does not feature neck down and raglan sleeve, cables can be adapted to most any knitter desire.
The circular knitted fabric is growing increasingly popular as an upper material for leisure and sports shoes.
The hind legs are worked separately in the round, then knitted to the body.
Machine-knitted sweater fabrics are typically comprised of a variety of fibers and are either tightly or loosely knitted, resulting in a wide range of stretchability.
Knitted fabrics are commonly used because of their excellent meachanical and comfort properties.
Carole Wheadon, 77, from Leckwith, Cardiff, is currently surrounded by miniature knitted Santas, snowmen and Christmas puddings as she prepares 300 of them to sell for the charity.
Knitted bags and heavy sweaters need seams for support.
Then members will be looking at the Guild's archive of knitted and crochet underwear items and patterns.
AT FIRST it might sound like a barking idea but a Scots woman's knitted pooches have become a smash hit around the world.