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leaves make a popular tisane

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Things aren't what they seem and when Knitbone senses a terrifying ghostly tiger, he thinks everyone is in danger.
bruisewort, consolidae radix, consound, gum plant, healing herb, knitback, knitbone, salsify, slippery root, symphytum radix, wallwort) Androstenedione Increased cancer FDA warned 23 (4-androstene-3, risk, decrease in HDL companies to stop 17-dione, andro, cholesterol.
No homestead should be without this plant, commonly called Russian broadleaf comfrey, Symphistum uplandicum or knitbone. Both the common and Latin names for comfrey come from root words meaning "to join" or "to grow together." This mysterious and ancient herb reputedly has been used in the healing of broken bones, and according to modern herbalists, contains allantoin, which accelerates the healing of burns, sores, broken/fractured bones and wounds.
Un enw Saesneg ar y cyfardwf ydi knitbone, ac mae'n tarddu o enw gwyddonol y planhigyn, sef Symphytum officinale.
Mae hwn wedi ei blannu yn yr ardd fel llysieuyn llesol, ac nid heb reswm mae'n cael ei alw'n 'knitbone' yn Saesneg, gan fod hwn dros y canrifoedd wedi'i ddefnyddio i asio esgyrn.
A THE herbal remedy symphytum officinalis, or knitbone, reduces healing time and can help ease twinges.