knife thrust

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a strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument

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This twinning of issues came like a sharp knife thrust in the hearts of women who feel called to the priesthood.
Both the medical examiner and I testified the wound track was consistent with a man coming forward in an aggressive posture, with his right arm drawn up and back as if to deliver a downward knife thrust, and inconsistent with the plaintiff's theory of a 5'11" man standing straight up and still, when shot by a distinctly shorter man, whose gun arm was extended.
Every young life cut short by a knife thrust is one life too many.
Mr Murphy and Mr Brannan were convicted of killing Michael Pollitt, who died from a single knife thrust to the stomach at the Express nightclub in Manchester on June 24 1991.
"It was like a knife thrust at that point in the game and we didn't really play in the second half.
At least five students were critically wounded, including a boy whose liver was pierced by a knife thrust that narrowly missed his heart and aorta, doctors said.
It was a knife thrust into City's system and only Oggy's superb point-blank range save from Brendan Ormsby six minutes later prevented the wound becoming fatal.
One 17-year-old even had a knife thrust inside his mouth and torn up to his ear while a barmaid was also threatened by Williams.
He was still in the pub at around 3pm - an hour before Claire died from a single knife thrust to the back.
You had damn well motor-programmed whatever survival skill you wish to retain at 160 beats per minute, including parrying a knife thrust, J-turning a car, or drawing a pistol.
A second masked man then walked into SA News and Convenience and Velautham was pushed back towards the shop counter and the knife thrust against his back.
A WOMAN had a knife thrust in her face by a hooded man who attempted to mug her as she used a Leamington cash machine.
Selling a Senate seat to the highest bidder would not be simply a corrupt financial transaction, but a knife thrust at the heart of our political system.
Russell Christie, 34, was cut down in a London street by a single knife thrust to the neck.
He was still in the pub at around 3pm- an hour before Claire, 21, died from a single knife thrust to the back.