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the blade of a knife

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It was then they realised the object in his hand was a Stanley knife blade.
Radiological investigations showed a large radio-opaque foreign body suggestive of a knife blade tip embedded in the retrobulbar space of the left orbit, penetrating the orbital floor, traversing part of the maxillary sinus and abutting the soft palate.
Swaby, 26, of Holly Road, Handsworth, pleaded guilty to possession of a knife blade in public, at Birmingham Magistrates Court, yesterday.
Angle the knife blade down low so more than just the tip of the blade is doing the cutting.
5-inch knife blade was still in Mr Tadesse's body when he began his post mortem.
The craft knife blade was stuck inside the book, fastened to the page with Sellotape.
It is now an offence to sell to anyone below the age of 18 any knife, knife blade, razor blade, axe, or other article which has a blade or is made or adapted for use for causing injury.
Some nifty little carbide sharpeners have preset angles--all you do is stroke the knife blade through the "V" sharpeners.
The disposable Weighted Safety Scalpel[TM] has a shield that slides over the knife blade when it is not in use.
I always shutter to think about the damage that a razor-sharp knife blade would inflict if it should fold up on your hand.
As Odile, Dvorovenko was as sure as a venom-dipped arrow that knows its path, as glittering as a knife blade.
First is the Firebyrd, a cleverly disguised butane lighter holder complete with pocket clip, 1 3/4" drop-point knife blade and a bottle opener.
Our culture cheers the merciless, those whose knife blade flashes swift and sharp.
Left: The Lamson & Goodnow Knife Safe houses a knife blade in a protective cover.
This new line features a range of models, including feedthrough, do ble-level, one-to-two connection, two-to-two connection, knife blade disconnect, and screwless ground terminal blocks, along with several accessories.