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Synonyms for knickknack

Synonyms for knickknack

a small inexpensive mass-produced article


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Have you ever lifted a knickknack off a shelf and noticed footprints left in the shelf's finish?
I'll be quite productive until I run across something with words on it -- an instruction manual from an appliance we no longer own, old newspapers wrapped around a knickknack in the attic, bits and pieces of stuff that land on the top of the nightstand.
Hidden gems and vintage knickknacks were uncovered as antiques expert Adam Partridge brought his skills to a city.
Festival Bay has been transformed into a whimsical wonderland with a bazaar of delightful knickknacks and themed activities for the whole family.
High-rise beach hotels have given way to midcentury-style boutique stays, and coconut knickknacks to Oahu-designed fashion.
Keep knickknacks neat and tidy in pretty storage boxes this duck egg blue alarm clock will help you rise and shine
Items from every era between the 1940s and the 1990s will be on offer with accessories, collectables, home-wares, knickknacks, furniture, jewellery and more on offer as well as clothes.
Trust me, your children don't want your knickknacks. Save tfamily photos, and get your kids and grandkids to come and pick out a few things they will truly treasure.
Michelin-star restaurants are not what people want - little knickknacks of food served 12 times.
I fix my wife's knickknacks, use it in my shop (it's great for temporary clamping!), and use it for countless other quick fixes.
Dear Biz I AM thinking of setting up an online business selling gifts and knickknacks.
He acquired her estate: furniture, knickknacks, and stacks of boxes full of photographs, insurance policies, and letters.
Westerners often lump Ming dynasty vases together with decorated knickknacks from Chinatown.
Whether detourning found imagery with collage, shooting straight-faced still lifes in which inexplicable artifacts such as cosmetics, ceramic knickknacks, and tropical fruits are balanced on plinths in supersaturated color environments, or exploring the poetic potential of operator error via multiply exposed, purposefully blurred portraits, Lassry has a precocious talent for conjuring disquiet from completely unexpected material.