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a person in a kneeling position

a board (sometimes cushioned) for someone to kneel on

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They had noticed the tabernacle, the sanctuary lamp, the kneelers before the altar, the rows of low chairs behind them.
Worse, images of kneelers are so frequent in ancient Near Eastern art that it would appear hopeless to identify a celestial Kneeler among them.
Take away the rail and the kneelers, and the whole would speak with greater simplicity and force.
Also in its range is a kneeler with memory foam technology.
The early 20th-century buildings incorporated handicapped accessibility and each of the 12 nuns' quarters includes a window, a private bath with shower and space for a bed, desk, kneeler and computer.
Aquatopia launched with the Safety Bath Time collection, featuring the bestselling Easy Kneeler, Faucet & Tap Protector and the Trevor the Turtle Audible Thermometer.
The couple knelt on a hand-sewn family heirloom kneeler as "The Lord's Prayer" was played.
For a present with a contemporary twist, invest in a Kneelo (TM), a new garden kneeler from Burgon & Ball, which comes in six funky colours and contains a deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam and a cushioning layer of memory foam, cov-v ered in neoprene and a quick-dry, wipe-clean nylon coating.
Conserve energy: Use a kneeler seat, take rest breaks and stop work before becoming overtired.
Gardening kneeler/bench: No need to bend or strain with this contraption, which easily converts from a kneeler to a bench.
While switching rows, I tripped over a kneeler someone had forgotten to put up.
The Garden Kneeler can be turned over to become a comfy seat or handy step.
95 each, Mia Fleur YOU don't need green fingers when you've got gold leaf - even the simplest plant will look like royalty in these fabulous Floral kneeler cushion, PS19.
The Kneeler is a mysterious figure pictured in these stars long before any ancient Greek writings about Heracles (Hercules).
Another soughtafter furniture is the Dellota comoda with kneeler and altar, which has a starting bid of P40,000.