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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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But, as it turned out, they were positively identified by some of the bombing survivors as the people who left a knapsack inside a large tent.
He placed her in a knapsack, drove to a bridge on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, and threw her out of the passenger-side window of his car.
While there are many other health and safety issues involved in pesticide handling and application, the widespread use of knapsack sprayers with single-nozzle spray wands, especially on smallholder farms, requires workers to apply pesticides directly in front of themselves as they walk through the field or between crop rows.
A new knapsack dust applicator which is designed to reduce the time and effort required to apply powdered formulations on crops, in animal pens, or in any other similar situation where dusting is required has, been introduced by PROFESSIONAL SPRAYERS PEOPLE (part of the Spray People Group).
Vinnolit's acquisition includes six production facilities located in Burghausen, Gendorf, Cologne, Knapsack and Schkopau in Germany and Hillhouse in the UK, with a combined annual capacity of 780,000 metric tons of PVC, specialty paste, thermoplastic specialties and suspension grades, 665 thousand metric tons of vinyl chloride monomer and 475,000 metric tons of membrane grade caustic soda.
Their topics include a buffer managed multiple replication strategy using knapsack policy for intermittently connected mobile networks, a multi-criteria queuing model to improve intra-user multi-flow quality of service in wireless cellular networks, a performance evaluation of the coverage configuration protocol and its applicability to precision agriculture, quality of service and the optimal management of cloud centers with different arrival modes, and emerging trends of mobile technology and mobile learning in digital libraries.
Far from another "backcountry epic" hydration pack, or red-light-running messenger bag, the Brooks Dalston Knapsack combines high-end materials and features for the modern urban cyclist.
Other agricultural inputs turned over to the municipality of Pilar were 10 bags of white corn seeds, 1,000 camote cuttings and two knapsack sprayers.
In the days of Job Creation Schemes, youths were employed and sent off with knapsack sprayers of Round Up to dose the plants.
At the exhibit's interactive "camp," young visitors can dress like a soldier, pack a knapsack, and try out reproduction equipment.
It begins with a brown duck in a forest packing a knapsack, with the statement, "Maybe one day you have to leave.
58pm, with the firefighters from Ely fire station using beaters and a knapsack sprayer to smother the flames.
Everyone carries a marshal's baton in their knapsack," he added, paraphrasing Napoleon.
Shifty townsfolk, dense forest, the twisty corridors of the manor house, peculiar puzzles and a sarcastic dolly knapsack all contribute to test Matilda's abilities as she uncovers a mystery that is investigated throughout the trilogy.
He was filmed walking through Mumbai's main train station carrying an AK-47 and a knapsack on his back during an attack in which nearly 60 people were gunned down.