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someone with an irrational urge to steal in the absence of an economic motive

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The case of the kleptomaniac is a version of (11) and is a counterexample to principle 13.
She was eager, but public outcry in Monaco against her playing a kleptomaniac made reject the role.
Indeed, despite their tender years, there are more skeletons rattling around in the closet on Glue than at the house of a kleptomaniac paleontologist.
These are characters defined by their quirks--he wears mittens and has mother (and father) issues, she has a kleptomaniac best friend and a job as a librarian--but their eccentricities work a sort of charm, creating characters that are easy to love, even if they have trouble finding love themselves.
The list of problems of the countries on Nuland's agenda "corruption, kleptomaniac politicians, nepotism" have a mutual note--the problems in the country are not imported but domestic, Zekoli writes.
Alfred Hitchcock, who directed Grace in Rear Window, Dial M For Murder and To Catch A Thief, arrives in Monaco to persuade her to play the kleptomaniac heroine in Marnie.
The guests all come with heaps of baggage - there's a fragile ballet dancer, her Austrian doctor, a hatchet-faced mother and daughter, and the kleptomaniac Countess Rossakoff who is an old friend of Poirot's.
The rest of the cast also brings on their own form of quirkiness, 'Everybody hates Chris' actor, Tyler James plays Grace's kleptomaniac brother Simon while S.
But how is he going to do it when he is haunted by the ghost of an ex-student, Kimberlee Schaffer; beautiful, mean and in life a complete kleptomaniac.
Rowan, a recent high school grad and kleptomaniac, is preparing for her last wild summer before college.
Murdoch has been vocal about his distaste for Google, referring to the ubiquitous search engine as a "parasite" and "content kleptomaniac.
But as the series progressed she became a kleptomaniac and was as mad as the rest of them really," laughs Whitfield, who looks and sounds remarkable given that she celebrated her 86th birthday last month.
These stories vary widely, from the fantastic--an entire town populated only by honest people, a kleptomaniac translator who steals fictional objects from the books he translates, a venerable scholar who can sleep only during lectures--to more commonplace situations.
A POSTMAN was dubbed a kleptomaniac in court after targeting valuablelooking packages and failing to deliver more than 9,000 items.
There was the kleptomaniac, with his penchant for Post-its.