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a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles


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Although this Part does not canvass the entire array of the Court's choice-of-law cases, it examines in detail the Court's approach in Klaxon and Van Dusen v.
This result is inconsistent with the policy underpinnings of Klaxon and Van Dusen.
Again there was concern that the following season the klaxons would become prevalent in our game - even though England hadn't reached the finals - but it did not turn out to be the case.
Installing the Kommander is straightforward, as it simply replaces existing sounders or warning beacons without any further rewiring or modifications being necessary, say Klaxon Signals Ltd of Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, tel:020 8952 5566.
In fact, it was so loud that several operators fainted in fright when the klaxon went off, so staff stuffed tennis balls down the horn to muffle the sound.
Wallace added that a klaxon warning is a matter for individual racecourses.
Maxse also explained the use of the klaxon and insisted it was not Jockey Club regulation.
And two Colombians linked to the Klaxon gang were arrested after Scots cops passed on intelligence to police in Bogota.
THE 25th annual Knowle Fun Run will see a record number of competitors spring into action on Sunday when the klaxon sounds at the village's Arden School at midday.
But bookmakers were also up in arms, complaining that the klaxon, used to signal the announcement of an inquiry, failed to sound.
A TELEVISION presenter will be calling on charity champs to focus on the finish line when she sounds the klaxon for the start of a village fun run.
Here we go again the klaxon doing its bit at Dow Corning chemical factory in Barry.
Hundreds of people are expected to pack the village as they attempt to be the last person with the ball when the klaxon sounds after two hours' play.
The game's thrilling finale is traditionally heralded by a klaxon at 4.
A Klaxon siren sounded at the plant to warn residents of Barry, Cadoxton, Sully and Dinas Powys while police sealed off nearby streets.