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The ceremony required that one's "manly petition" for membership come with bona fides attesting to his "native-born, white, Gentile American citizenship," and that the initiate complete a symbolic "journey" into an idealized "empire of chivalry, industry, honor and love." Outside the Klavern were selfishness, economic competition, and alienating labor brought to a fever pitch by blacks as well as non-Christian (or, what was the same thing, Catholic) immigrants.
Klan rites and practices reconfigured space in terms of xenophobic white supremacy, with Alien "coloreds" outside and Klan brethren inside the Klavern. Time was renamed, from days of the week (Sunday became "Desolate"), to months of the year (January was "Appalling"), then to epochs of world history imagined as successive Klan "Incarnations." The Kloran and other Klan texts recycled tired myths about the rectitude of antebellum Southern white farmers so self-possessed that, under God, they owned people of color.
But late goals from Andy Balchin and Alex Van Klavern consigned them to their 10th straight defeat.
"--was penned by Klan leader Asa Carter, who, when not busy writing for Wallace, was leading his Klavern in attacks on such notorious radicals as Nat King Cole.
Accordingly, Black did what almost all politically ambitious Alabamans did in the 1920's: he joined the local "klavern" of the KKK, the Robert E.
Having introduced Ace by the exploits of his Klavern, which included one infamous ritual castration of a black man plucked randomly off the street, Carter lets readers grow accustomed to Ace's dual role over the years as Wallace's chief speechwriter.
The author, Nancy MacLean, probes Klan texts, including newspapers and readers' speeches, for their racial, class and gender implications; her goal is to understand why the Klan was able to attract millions of men to join a movement that she compares to the Nazis under Hitler For MacLean the key factor was class and the apparent loss of economic status of her sample of Klan members from an Athens, Georgia, klavern. She portrays them as a petite bourgeoisie caught between wealthy beneficiaries of the new industrial order and the dispossessed and marginalized.
In an effort to raise money to build a "Klavern |Klan headquarters~ which will exceed anything of its kind south of Atlanta," Sarasota's Klan engaged the Morton Circus for a week's performance.
Whether it's a Ku Klux Klan klavern in the United States or a secret university communist cell in Colombia, a terrorist organization is structured for nearly absolute security.
3 did in the early 1920s while he was in charge of the klavern."
He was the exalted cyclops of the Eugene chapter of the Ku Klux Klan - "one of the most successful (KKK) klaverns in Oregon" - and a University of Oregon professor.
Curiously, women who "used their names publicly as leaders or spokeswomen" formed one of the sources from which Blee drew her "rank and file." Blee gleaned other names of ordinary Klanswomen from anti-Klan newspapers (a suspect source), a klavern receipt book that listed "treasurers and minor officers, together with occasional names of non-officers," and obituaries (how many?
An account in the Eugene Daily Guard of a 1924 march by Eugene Klavern No.
In his 20s, Byrd helped organize a local klavern of the Ku Klux Klan.
He was also a ranking member of the local Klan "Klavern." He often passed out Klan literature to the G.I.s who worked for him.