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bad taste

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excessively garish or sentimental art

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In the piece, these songs become the motivation for several musical numbers that gives the whole piece a feeling of playful kitschiness.
The furniture is arranged in symmetries more disturbing than elegant, and the interior design eschews the florid kitschiness that made many eighties interiors seem the pastel-obsessed descendents of Victorian design, opting instead for a minimal aesthetic that employs a cool palette and flat glossy services to evoke a wholly passionless precision.
COOS BAY - The Coos Bay Garden Club's sixth annual Town & Country Garden Tour will feature five mature gardens ranging in mood from the tranquility of a large pond surrounded by banks of flowers to the kitschiness of a cow-skull collection honoring former bovines raised on the property.
Las Vegas'' and a personal favourite, ``One Horse Town'' are sing along masterpieces without ever descending into kitschiness.
Wishing wells adorn, in shapes of gentle kitschiness, many English villages and are a recall of bygone days when Roman occupiers or native soldiers going on the Crusades threw coins, rings and other valuables into the water for good luck.
Robin Kay Willoughby contributes an essay on Helen Adam, making a case for her poetry not despite its kitschiness but because of it.
IN THE CONTEXT OF THE REST OF HIS WORK, the framed painting of a Buddha that van Golden completed in 1973 seems so out of place: the kitschiness, the overt sentimentality; the technique of the figurative image, the smooth, almost amateur blending of the Buddha's golden face.