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your friends and acquaintances

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Kith Meng said Cambodia can be an example in the region for harnessing technological innovation to stimulate economic growth.
Psychology offers insights for dealing with kith and kin.
Many of the lawyers associated with the Left-leaning lawyers' union are upset that senior CPM leaders have chosen to appoint their kith and kin as government pleaders, overlooking their more competent peers.
Compass PM worked with main contractor Blue Camel Design and interior designer Bishop Design to complete the food and beverage (F&B), which Kith and Kin has described as a "food-market-restaurant-grape-bar with an industrial feel fit-out".
Anandasangaree, a known anti-LTTEr, further suggested that, Another valid reason for the Government to allow this without interfering, is for the sake of the kith and kin of these martyrs some of whom still believe that Mr.Prabhakaran is till alive and on that basis large sums of money are held in trust by those who collected it to finance the requirements of the LTTE cadres.
Voth Nixon Group has acquired a significant minority equity stake in Cellcard, which was established in June 1998 by entrepreneur Kith Meng and is already serving market research and NGO clients.
With that in mind, Kids in the House (KITH), a unique national parenting website, is on a mission to keep kids physically and emotionally safe with its #EndBullying campaign.
The objective of this initiative was to cater to the need of the community to cremate their kith and kin in a respectful manner and provide them with sufficient support.
Tories are rubbing their hands with glee salivating at the prospect of enhanced profits for they, kith and kin Labour's response A freeze on fuel prices.
Our security is paramount, yes it is, but again when will we learn if for instance all we think of is our selfish gains, protecting the interests of our kith and kin, but stand to be the weak link in securing critical infrastructure, for instance those in aviation as a critical area of our economy?
The PIL alleged that even 17 years after SC judges passed a resolution that no judge should be allowed to hear cases involving his kith, kin or friends, the practice continues.
Ang, PAL president and chief operating officer, as saying: "We are reviewing when to start and whether the project is still viable." It cited the reason as the current unrest in Cambodia and quoted Ang as saying: "We have delayed it because of the situation here." The planned carrier was a joint venture between PAL and Cambodian tycoon Neak Okhna Kith Meng's Royal Group of Companies in which PAL would have a 49 percent share.
New Year's Eve used to be magic The one night of the year when The kids in our tenement homes Were allowed to 'stay up late' Playing cards in front of a blazing coal fire 'Made up' in our new 'Chrimbo' pjs My mam has her best tablecloth on show but You can't see the lace, 'cos it's chokka with festive scoff The noise outside is getting louder Festive music is belting out from various radiograms It's countdown, we're allowed to join the party Foghorns from the river ring out the old As church bells ring in the new, we raise our glasses To absent kith and kin, in unison we declare Happy New Year 'Fonnie-oy' Let's hope it's a good one!
Summary: Muscat: Bangladeshi expatriates in the Sultanate are worrying for the safety of their kith and ...
Ahmedabad, Aug 29 ( ANI ): Social activists and kith and kin of the victims of the 2002 Gujarat communal riots on Wednesday hailed the verdict of convicting the key accused in the Naroda Patiya massacre.